added crypto rng registration test.
[gnutls:gnutls.git] / tests /
2008-04-26 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added crypto rng registration test.
2008-02-24 NikosAdded gnutls_x509_dn_export(). Patch by Joe Orton.
2008-02-19 Nikosadded self test for openpgp connection
2008-02-19 NikosAdded gnutls_x509_dn_import/init/deinit() to access...
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonUse GPLv3 for self-tests.
2007-09-20 Simon JosefssonSupport for Opaque PRF Input TLS extension.
2007-08-10 Simon JosefssonExternal signing callback interface.
2007-08-10 Simon JosefssonBuild x509self.
2007-05-27 Simon JosefssonAdd self-test.
2007-05-14 Timo SchulzAdd simple openpgp test.
2007-05-12 Simon JosefssonReorder to work around libtool bug.
2007-02-22 Simon JosefssonAdd dn.
2007-02-16 Simon JosefssonAdd self test of rfc2818 server identity check.
2007-02-05 Simon JosefssonAdd SHA-2 self test.
2007-02-01 Simon JosefssonAdd key-id self test.
2007-01-26 Simon JosefssonTest for pathlen bug (and general certificate parsing).
2006-12-27 Simon JosefssonAdd userid/.
2006-12-27 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2006-10-26 Simon JosefssonChange lgpl/ library name.
2006-10-24 Simon JosefssonMove pkcs12 tests to pkcs12-decode/.
2006-10-24 Simon JosefssonMove pkcs8 tests to pkcs8-decode/.
2006-10-24 Simon JosefssonMove pkcs1-pad stuff to pkcs1-padding/.
2006-10-21 Simon JosefssonNeed lgpl gnulib.
2006-09-19 Simon JosefssonDist more.
2006-09-12 Simon JosefssonAdd pkcs1-pad test.
2006-08-03 Simon JosefssonFix libgcrypt link failure, reported by Brant Gurganus...
2006-06-27 Simon JosefssonAdd --enable-valgrind-tests that make it possible to...
2006-06-27 Simon JosefssonFix.
2006-06-27 Simon JosefssonRevert.
2006-06-27 Simon JosefssonWork under mingw.
2006-06-16 Simon JosefssonDisable tests that use fork if the host doesn't have...
2006-05-11 Simon JosefssonNo supression file.
2006-05-11 Simon JosefssonImprove valgrind stuff.
2006-05-07 Simon JosefssonFix.
2006-05-07 Simon JosefssonRun tests under valgrind.
2006-04-19 Simon Josefsson(LDADD): Add libgnutls after libgnu, for libgcrypt...
2006-02-08 Simon JosefssonAdd certder test.
2005-12-17 Simon JosefssonAdd resume self test.
2005-12-15 Simon JosefssonAdd TLS/IA support.
2005-12-08 Simon JosefssonDist pkcs8 blobs.
2005-12-08 Simon JosefssonAdd PKCS#8 self test.
2005-12-08 Simon JosefssonSupport reading X.509 credentials from PKCS#12 files.
2005-11-15 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added DHE-PSK ciphersuites and some cleanups.
2005-11-15 Simon JosefssonAdd pskself.
2005-10-17 Simon JosefssonAdd self tests of gc.
2005-05-26 Simon JosefssonUpdate FSF office address in license.
2005-01-24 Simon JosefssonClean up license templates.
2005-01-24 Simon JosefssonClean up license templates.
2004-10-30 Simon JosefssonAdd openssl self test.
2004-10-27 Simon JosefssonDist *.p12.
2004-10-24 Simon JosefssonAdd. Test vectors from Joe Orton <
2004-09-17 Simon JosefssonFix objdir != srcdir in -I, reported by "Gerrit P....
2004-08-21 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2004-08-07 Simon JosefssonTypo, reported by Michael Heironimus <mkh01@earthlink...
2004-08-02 Simon JosefssonAdd (start of) self test suite.
2002-09-05 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2002-09-05 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added more tests for the X.509 certificate validation...
2002-09-03 Nikos Mavrogiannop... last changes for 0.5.5 release
2002-06-22 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2002-06-11 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message *** gnutls_0_4_with_libtasn1
2002-06-10 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2002-06-02 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added test suite