2010-04-21 Simon JosefssonChmod +x.
2010-04-21 Simon JosefssonGenerated. gnutls_2_9_10
2010-04-21 Simon JosefssonVersion 2.9.10.
2010-04-21 Simon JosefssonUpgrade to libtasn1 version 2.6.
2010-04-21 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2010-04-21 Simon JosefssonStructure fork check together.
2010-04-15 Simon JosefssonFix compiler warning.
2010-04-15 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2010-04-15 Simon JosefssonIndent code.
2010-04-14 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUse size_t instead of int for input variables that...
2010-04-14 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosFree the priority structure on error. Reported by Paul...
2010-04-14 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosThe string is colon separated. Reported by Paul Aurich.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonFix indent bug.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonMore indentation.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonGenerated.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonIndent code.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonExport new ABIs. Doc fixes for new APIs.
2010-04-14 Simon JosefssonDisable self-test temporarily until we make it work...
2010-04-13 Simon JosefssonDoc fixes.
2010-04-13 Simon JosefssonGenerated.
2010-04-13 Simon JosefssonIgnore c++defs.h.
2010-04-13 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files, fix syntax-check warnings.
2010-03-31 Simon JosefssonAdd forgotten gnulib files, and fix .gitignore.
2010-03-31 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2010-03-31 Simon JosefssonSync with TP.
2010-03-31 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files. Fix syntax-check warnings.
2010-03-31 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2010-03-30 Simon JosefssonCheck for what we use. Bump serial.
2010-03-30 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosValgrind -q is now set by the valgrind detection script...
2010-03-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosincreased small value for certificates. Typical certifi...
2010-03-20 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosReduced several unneeded messages during the make check...
2010-03-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse mv -f to avoid interactiveness.
2010-03-20 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosModified to account for postalcode.
2010-03-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosadded news entry for postalcode.
2010-03-20 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosDisplay postalCode and Name X.509 DN attributes correctly.
2010-03-20 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosEach ciphersuite is now tight with a minimum TLS versio...
2010-03-20 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosIgnore more files.
2010-03-17 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded gnutls_certificate_set_verify_function() to allow...
2010-03-17 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUse the flags for expiration instead of getting the...
2010-03-17 Simon JosefssonMention datefudge.
2010-03-17 Simon JosefssonSkip test if datefudge is not available.
2010-03-17 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosINITIAL_SAFE_RENEGOTIATION implies SAFE_RENEGOTIATION.
2010-03-16 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded missing prototype.
2010-03-16 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosmade SAFE_RENEGOTIATION flags explicit.
2010-03-16 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_x509_crt_verify() and gnutls_x509_crt_list_verif...
2010-03-16 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosHandle dates before 1-1-1970 (handle as being equal...
2010-03-16 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosFail if required programs are not found.
2010-03-15 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosSafe renegotiation is not enabled by default in client...
2010-03-15 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosbetter documentation for %INITIAL_SAFE_RENEGOTIATION
2010-03-15 Simon JosefssonFix.
2010-03-15 Simon JosefssonRewrite tests/openpgp-certs/testselfsigs portably for...
2010-03-14 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloslocalhost -> to work in places where localhos...
2010-03-14 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosExtended time verification to trusted certificate list...
2010-03-11 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded tests for safe renegotiation. Removed old tests...
2010-03-11 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosExtension generation in SSL 3.0 (as a reply to SCSV...
2010-03-07 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosRemoved artificial constrained that prevented end-user...
2010-03-07 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosDocumented that initial_safe_renegotiation is the default.
2010-03-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls-serv will terminate connection on rehandshake...
2010-03-03 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAvoid sending alerts during handshake. Alerts might...
2010-02-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosOn handshake error send appropriate alert and terminate...
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonAdd id's to chapters.
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonUpdate.
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonRemove.
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonFix -lrt usage.
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonUse gnulib gettime module. Indent.
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2010-02-18 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonIndent. Don't include fcntl.h and sys/ioctl.h on ...
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonFix objdir != srcdir.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDrop bashism. Make it work on Windows.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonFix.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonGenerated.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonMore GTK-DOC fixes.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDoc fix.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDoc fix.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDoc fix.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonFix enum doc.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonMore enum docs.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonMore enum documentation.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDoc fix.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonMore enum documentation.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDocument more.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDocument more.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDocument enum.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonMore enum.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonFix typo.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonMore GTK-DOC documentation.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonImprove GTK-DOC coverage.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonFix comments, for GTK-DOC.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonIgnore more headers.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonDoc fix.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonFix for GTK-DOC parse breakage.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonIgnore gnutlsxx.h too, GTK-DOC doesn't handle C++.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonNeed crypto.h too.
2010-02-17 Simon JosefssonImprove header ignores.