2008-01-09 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonGenerated. gnutls_2_3_0
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonVersion 2.3.0.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonSync with TP.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonSync with TP.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonFurther LZO fixes.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonCleanup after LZO removal.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonRemove LZO compression support.
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonCall git-push (git-push --tags doesn't push changes..).
2008-01-08 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2008-01-07 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2008-01-07 Simon JosefssonHandle more than one server name field correctly.
2008-01-05 Simon JosefssonDrop -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE, not needed as far...
2008-01-04 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2008-01-04 Simon JosefssonSync with TP.
2008-01-04 Simon JosefssonSync with TP.
2008-01-02 Simon JosefssonBump copyright years.
2008-01-02 Simon JosefssonRemove dupe entry.
2008-01-02 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2008-01-02 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files.
2008-01-02 Simon JosefssonRemove .gitignore's from gnulib.
2007-12-21 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2007-12-21 Simon JosefssonDoc fixes.
2007-12-17 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2007-12-16 NikosFix for certificate selection in servers with certifica...
2007-12-16 Nikos(no commit message)
2007-12-16 NikosChanges for post_client_hello_function(). The extension...
2007-12-14 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-12-14 Simon JosefssonMerge in old NEWS entries.
2007-12-14 Simon JosefssonSync with TP.
2007-12-13 Simon JosefssonAdd 2007.
2007-12-13 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2007-12-13 Simon JosefssonIf the server has a callback, the search for a valid...
2007-12-13 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2007-12-12 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://civodul@git.savannah...
2007-12-12 Ludovic CourtèsFix dangling/unused bindings in `(gnutls)'.
2007-12-12 Ludovic CourtèsUpdate Guile OpenPGP test cases to use the new names.
2007-12-12 Ludovic CourtèsUpdate OpenPGP names in Guile examples.
2007-12-12 Ludovic CourtèsBump Guile glue libraries version number.
2007-12-12 Ludovic CourtèsSubstitute `certificate' to `public-key' in `(gnutls...
2007-12-11 Simon JosefssonRemove config.rpath hack.
2007-12-10 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2007-12-10 Simon JosefssonMake --verify-chain support larger inputs than 64kb.
2007-12-10 Simon JosefssonRe-order gettext invocation to avoid autoconf warnings.
2007-12-10 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-12-10 Simon JosefssonGenerated. gnutls_2_1_8
2007-12-10 Simon JosefssonVersion 2.1.8.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonGPLv3 typo.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonDoc fix.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonGettext 0.17 to solve -L problem.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonGPLv3.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonRevert local gnulib override regarding GPLv3.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonMore GPLv3 fixes.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonMore GPLv3 fixes.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonUse GPLv3 in manual.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonUse GPLv3 in manual.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonGPLv3 fixes.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonUse GPLv3 in src/.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonUse GPLv3 for self-tests.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib.
2007-12-09 Nikosuser_hello_func is call always. Even when resuming...
2007-12-09 Nikosprint session ID
2007-12-07 System Userlicense update
2007-12-07 System UserGPL parts under GPLv3
2007-12-06 System UserIt seems we were ahead of our time.
2007-12-06 System UserRevert "We now ignore received packets with unknown...
2007-12-06 Simon JosefssonDoc
2007-12-06 Simon JosefssonTypo fix.
2007-12-04 NikosMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-12-04 Nikosdocumentation updates
2007-12-04 Simon JosefssonOverwrite autopoint files with gnulib files.
2007-12-03 NikosMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-12-03 Nikosprint information about the DHE parameters
2007-12-03 Simon JosefssonGenerated.
2007-12-03 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2007-12-03 Simon JosefssonBump version.
2007-12-03 Simon JosefssonBump to indicate added ABI.
2007-12-03 Simon JosefssonCopy, don't remove... to fix hard-coded...
2007-12-03 Simon JosefssonRemove gettext havelib files.
2007-12-03 Simon JosefssonIndent.
2007-12-02 Nikos(no commit message)
2007-12-02 Nikosadded check for null priorities
2007-12-02 Nikosadded gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_name2 to overcome...
2007-12-02 Nikos(no commit message)
2007-12-02 Nikosget_subject_alt_name() returns null terminated strings.
2007-12-01 Simon JosefssonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-12-01 Nikoscorrected typos.
2007-11-30 NikosDepend on libgcrypt 1.2.4 again (lose DSA2 functionality).
2007-11-30 NikosAdded SECURE256 and SECURE128 level.
2007-11-29 Simon JosefssonGenerated. gnutls_2_1_7
2007-11-29 Simon JosefssonVersion 2.1.7.
2007-11-28 Nikos(no commit message)
2007-11-28 Nikosfixed type
2007-11-28 Nikosmore assertions.
2007-11-28 Nikosmore assertions
2007-11-28 Nikosadded assertion.
2007-11-28 Nikosfix in priority_set
2007-11-28 Nikosupdated the gnutlsxx interface
2007-11-28 Nikosmore updates for priority functions.