2014-02-10 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdo not redefine the _gnutls_x86_cpuid_s symbol
2014-02-07 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdjusted the security levels of PFS, SECURE128 and...
2014-02-07 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosreduced security levels of SECURE128 and SECURE192...
2014-02-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosonly test libz if it is available
2014-02-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscheck errors from gnutls_priority_set_direct().
2014-02-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-02-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosincreased the interval between reading /dev/urandom
2014-02-05 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosSync with TP.
2014-02-05 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded --ask-pass certtool option to allow asking for...
2014-02-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse newlines in error printing
2014-02-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloswhen using a PKCS #11 module for verification ensure...
2014-02-03 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded flag GNUTLS_PKCS11_TOKEN_TRUSTED_UINT that can...
2014-02-03 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse macros to set the level.
2014-02-02 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated reference manual to remove individual indexes...
2014-02-02 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected test
2014-02-02 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosconsider the initial keyword set even when it's set...
2014-02-02 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosWhen two initial keywords are specified then treat...
2014-02-01 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloswhen setting multiple initial keywords in a priority...
2014-02-01 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosbetter wording
2014-02-01 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected bug in DH exponent size calculation.
2014-02-01 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostolerate servers that included the SUPPORTED ECC extension.
2014-02-01 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected typo
2014-01-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosreduced the TLS and DTLS version requirements for all...
2014-01-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosreturn proper error on RSA key generation failure
2014-01-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosallow a missing u
2014-01-31 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded sanity check in hash_init() and mac_init().
2014-01-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse some kind of key continuity in the nonce RNG.
2014-01-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-01-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloswhen importing public keys set the correct algorithm.
2014-01-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosallow for seeds larger to the MAX by one byte
2014-01-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected calculation
2014-01-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected prototype
2014-01-30 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded FIPS184-4 RSA key generation.
2014-01-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosrename function
2014-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded gnutls_db_get_cache_expiration()
2014-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded Since flag.
2014-01-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-01-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved unused variables
2014-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded gnutls_pubkey_verify_params() and gnutls_privkey_...
2014-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAllow verification of public and private parameters.
2014-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosHandle DSA and ECDSA the same when verifying keys.
2014-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded check for gnutls_db_check_entry_time().
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrectly read the magic number and timestamp; report...
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated for new functions
2014-01-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosRenamed get_pk functions to export.
2014-01-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded identifiers for DSA-SHA382 and DSA-SHA512
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosexported function needed for fips test
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscompile missing file
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosindented
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloseliminated memory leak when generating a privvate key...
2014-01-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded functions to directly import parameters into...
2014-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected usage of privkey
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloschanged port number
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosoptimized string search in _oid2str table.
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscopyright update
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosfixed null pointer derefence when printing a name and...
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosadded gnutls_realloc_fast to false positives
2014-01-26 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosPrior to release verify that the exported functions...
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosexported missing functions
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosexported function
2014-01-26 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosDo not compile the DRBG-AES-CTR when not in FIPS140...
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved non-working test for static linking.
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse two separate mutexes for nonce and main rng.
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosincreased the number of bytes requested by the RNG
2014-01-26 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosThe AES-CTR-based nonce random number generator was...
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosmore files to ignore
2014-01-26 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUpdated the rest of the MPI function prototypes.
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated the prototype of _gnutls_mpi_div
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated prototypes of _gnutls_mpi_sub_ui, _gnutls_mpi_a...
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated prototype of _gnutls_mpi_powm
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated mpi_scan macros
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosreduced warnings
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated prototypes of _gnutls_mpi_set, _gnutls_mpi_set_...
2014-01-26 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated prototype of _gnutls_mpi_modm
2014-01-26 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUpdated _gnutls_mpi_init prototype and added _gnutls_mp...
2014-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosreduced the number of system calls made during the...
2014-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdo not set the SYSTEM priority string by default in...
2014-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated
2014-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse RUSAGE_THREAD to obtain rusage stats to avoid becom...
2014-01-24 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected push/pull function setting
2014-01-24 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossimplified _dsa_generate_dss_g()
2014-01-24 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdo not impose limits to index
2014-01-24 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosFixes in the Shawe-Taylor prime generation routine.
2014-01-24 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscleanups
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosincreased seed length
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscleanups
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosindented code
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosensure that _gnutls_pk_params_copy makes a full duplicate.
2014-01-23 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded macros to allow specifying a subgroup for DSA.
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected FIPS140 generation of DSA2 keys.
2014-01-23 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded new functions to obtain raw private key
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosexported more internal functions
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse dsa_generate_dss_keypair when generating DSA keys.
2014-01-23 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosSplit the generation of keypair from the generation...
2014-01-23 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded _dsa_validate_dss_pq and _dsa_validate_dss_g...
2014-01-23 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosindented files
2014-01-22 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected s check in _dsa_generate_dss_pq
2014-01-22 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosfixed copyright