2013-12-08 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosconverted to a simple check for gnutls_global_init...
2013-12-08 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscall p11_kit_modules_load() with null argument.
2013-12-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosonly use LT_INIT
2013-12-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-12-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdisable static library build by default
2013-12-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_global_init2() is no longer exported.
2013-12-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-12-05 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded automatic reinitialization on fork() on the PKCS...
2013-12-05 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosPKCS #11 initialization is delayed until first use.
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-12-04 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUse a DRBG-AES to generate nonces rather than the yarro...
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgetpid() is conditionally used.
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdeleted auto-generated files
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved zombie mode, and no longer use fips140.h
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosmoved gnutls_fips140_mode_enabled to gnutls.h
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossimplified func
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected macros
2013-12-04 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosCheck whether the RNG can perform many iterations witho...
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosforce reseed and rekey on fork and if we exceed a numbe...
2013-12-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdo not deinitialize a static mutex to avoid any side...
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosre-initialize a deleted staticly initialized mutex
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-11-30 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded hack for nettle's checks.
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosadjusted parameters in normal level for DSA to match...
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosadded newlines in error reporting
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosfix self tests when used from slow/cipher-test
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated test for the universal lib constructor
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved deadlock from gnutls_global.c
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosconstructor and destructors were moved outside the...
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosexecute the FIPS-test even when not in FIPS140 mode.
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosfips140_simulate_error -> lib_simulate_error
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosadjusted subgroup bits to be compatible with DSA requir...
2013-11-30 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosThe library state is used even when not in FIPS mode.
2013-11-30 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosMerged the FIPS140-2 support code.
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_global_init() and gnutls_global_deinit() are...
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved usage of %zu.
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated mini-overhead to account for the removal of...
2013-11-30 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosDetect the presence of posix locks even without linked...
2013-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls-cli-debug tests for camellia-gcm.
2013-11-29 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremove bashism.
2013-11-29 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded 3.2 to reference API fips
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated links in reference. Reported by Nico R.
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded 3.2 to reference API
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated links in reference. Reported by Nico R.
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated addresses and URLs. Reported by Nico R.
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated addresses and URLs. Reported by Nico R.
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded destructor and moved both *structors to fips.c
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosEliminated memory leak in print_aia(). Reported by...
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosEliminated memory leak in print_aia(). Reported by...
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded ECDH known answer test.
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded known answer test for Diffie-Hellman key exchange.
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded check to prevent generating a DH pubkey of 1.
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscompacted DH support files.
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosclear the generated ECDH parameters as soon as they...
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosWhen checking the generated DSA params make sure that...
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosDH key exchange uses the _gnutls_pk_derive and _gnutls_...
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossimplified DRBG-AES generator by using a counter (with...
2013-11-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded pairwise constistency test on key generation.
2013-11-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse memset in bzero
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated example certtool.cfg
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosavoid using memset to prevent a compiler optimizing...
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse _gnutls_pk_bits_to_subgroup_bits() to select DH...
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected params for ULTRA level
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosRe-run receiving tests on server side, to allow any...
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosPerform an integrity check on all supporting libraries
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosIn FIPS mode the default cipher is AES.
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosDo not link gnutls against librt unlress it is really...
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloschecks FIPS-140 lib requirements, moved after clock_get...
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved unused function
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved unused variable
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosSkip tests that require the non-suiteb curves.
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos_gnutls_privkey_decode_ecc_key() returns integers as...
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded option to disable the non-SuiteB curves (i.e...
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUse a FIPS140-2 compliant DSA and DH parameter generator.
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved unneeded newlines
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosmore files ignored
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded DRBG submitted to nettle in gnutls.
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded deflate compression tests with AES-GCM in order...
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected comparison
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAllow MD5 hash in zombie mode
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosfixed bug
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdon't run openssl (md5) when in fips mode
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosseparate zombie mode from operational fips mode
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosmodified to account for zombie mode
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUse the internal API for MD5 hashing in openssl keys.
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosbeautified table
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosadded new functions
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloseliminated memory leak on PK self check.
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded gnutls_global_init2(). This allows initializing...
2013-11-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded an audit message in self test failure
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosbetter error messages.
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosbinary integrity self test moved to end
2013-11-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossimplified debugging levels.