2015-02-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved unused constants
2015-02-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosmemcpy fix in gnutls_record_get_state
2015-02-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved from root
2015-02-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-02-20 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded gnutls_record_get_state() and gnutls_record_set_s...
2015-02-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosfixed sequence number copy
2015-02-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-02-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_handshake_set_hook_function: will provide the...
2015-02-18 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse explicit casts to unsigned int in the CURVE_TO_BITS...
2015-02-18 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse cast in _gnutls_hash_fast
2015-02-17 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloswhen importing a certificate ensure that the signature...
2015-02-14 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAllow AESNI GCM accelaration in x86
2015-02-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls-cli: added --save-cert option
2015-02-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosadded missing prototypes
2015-02-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloshandle differently OCSP responses that are revoked...
2015-02-01 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscompilation fix with return on void function; reported...
2015-01-29 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-29 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosset the appropriate direction when _gnutls_io_write_flu...
2015-01-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: added check for operation under different thread...
2015-01-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: added check for operation under different proces...
2015-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosRevert "doc update"
2015-01-28 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosRevert "Added gnutls_record_is_async()"
2015-01-28 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdocumented using a session with fork or multiple threads
2015-01-27 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-27 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded gnutls_record_is_async()
2015-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosprint errno in a more uniform way
2015-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosexported gnutls_system_recv_timeout()
2015-01-25 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossimplified _gnutls_writev() by requiring the total...
2015-01-20 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosopencdk: small fixed to reduce warnings
2015-01-19 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-19 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdon't be so verbose about the OCSP nonce; it is univers...
2015-01-19 Tim RuehsenOCSP check the whole cert chain
2015-01-19 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloson certificate import check whether the two signature...
2015-01-17 Nikos use 3.3.12
2015-01-17 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-16 Luke DashjrAdded configure option --disable-tools
2015-01-16 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscorrected typos
2015-01-16 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded the notion of obsolete versions
2015-01-16 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosocsptool: follow the documented process for gnutls_x509...
2015-01-16 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_x509_crt_get_authority_info_access: doc update
2015-01-15 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosocsptool-common: iterate through all AIA items prior...
2015-01-15 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse a FIPS key that agree's with fedora's fipshmac
2015-01-14 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosDCO: Added Luke Dashjr
2015-01-13 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossimplified text for inline-commands-prefix
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls-cli: added --starttls-proto option
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulospkcs11: cleanup the name of types
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: updates in softhsm detection
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulospkcs11: when importing a public key, import it's data...
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostestpkcs11: do not ignore the failure to write a trusted CA
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved gnutls_pubkey_get_pk_* from the exported functi...
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: key-import-export: enhanced to test gnutls_pubke...
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_pubkey_t: allow the import of another parameter...
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosremoved ABI-compatibility functions
2015-01-12 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-11 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostestpkcs11: modified to support both softhsmv1 and v2
2015-01-11 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulospkcs11: when importing a public key, import it's data...
2015-01-11 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: enhanced key-import-export to check output of...
2015-01-11 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: eliminated leaks
2015-01-11 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-11 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: added checks for private key import/export functions
2015-01-10 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2015-01-10 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: Added test case for openpgp keys loaded by callback
2015-01-10 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosWhen setting up TLS with cert-type OpenPGP from a client,
2015-01-10 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls_privkey_import_openpgp_raw: do not release the...
2015-01-08 Ludovic Courtèsguile: Call 'load-extension' both during expansion...
2015-01-08 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosWhen receiving a TLS record with multiple handshake...
2015-01-08 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: updated mini-dtls-record-asym
2015-01-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: better documentation of mini-dtls-record-asym...
2015-01-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: moved udp_socketpair to utils
2015-01-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: corrected asymmetric MTU test for DTLS and added...
2015-01-06 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded test case for DTLS handshake packet reconstructio...
2015-01-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossimplified _gnutls_dgram_read()
2015-01-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdanetool: only compile when dane is enabled
2015-01-06 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosin DTLS don't combine multiple packets which exceed MTU
2015-01-06 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosAdded more precise check of push functions availability
2015-01-06 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosRevert "in DTLS don't use writev() when multiple packet...
2015-01-06 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosRevert "Give precedence to vector push function"
2015-01-05 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosGive precedence to vector push function
2015-01-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosin DTLS don't use writev() when multiple packets which...
2015-01-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: added check to ensure that DTLS handshake packet...
2015-01-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscerttool: warn when setting a certificate's expiration...
2015-01-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostestpkcs11: detect softhsm2
2015-01-05 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulostests: account for disabling of ARCFOUR where needed
2015-01-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscerttool: modified check for READ_NUMERIC
2015-01-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscerttool: use 64-bit type for CRL serial number
2015-01-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscerttool: check for overflows when reading serial numbers
2015-01-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopouloscerttool: use int64_t as type for integers read
2015-01-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls-cli-debug: more precise handling of SMTP protocol
2015-01-04 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated gnulib
2015-01-02 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosgnutls-cli-debug: corrected the skip of ignored checks
2014-12-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosuse explicit casts in the dummy ip conversion functions
2014-12-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-12-31 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosARCFOUR-128 is disabled by default
2014-12-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-12-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosdoc update
2014-12-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulossystem-keys-win: use LoadLibraryA to load ncrypt.dll
2014-12-31 Nikos MavrogiannopoulosUpdated abi-compliance-checker for 3.4 API
2014-12-31 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulosupdated export symbols list (due to ABI breakage)