BACKPORT: haswell: use asmlinkage for assembly-called funcs
[gnutoo-for-coreboot:coreboot.git] / src / cpu / intel / haswell / smmrelocate.c
2013-05-08 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: haswell: use asmlinkage for assembly-called...
2013-04-01 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: split clearing and enabling of smm
2013-03-21 Aaron Durbinhaswell: add multipurpose SMM memory region
2013-03-21 Aaron Durbinhaswell: support for parallel SMM relocation
2013-03-21 Aaron Durbinx86: protect against abi assumptions from compiler
2013-03-19 Aaron Durbinhaswell: Parallel AP bringup
2013-03-18 Aaron Durbinhaswell: move definition of CORE_THREAD_COUNT_MSR
2013-03-18 Aaron Durbinhaswell: Use SMM Modules