2013-05-08 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: haswell: use asmlinkage for assembly-called...
2013-05-08 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: x86: add TSC_CONSTANT_RATE option
2013-05-08 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: haswell: use tsc for udelay()
2013-05-07 Duncan Lauriewtm2: Set SerialIO I2C ports to 3.3V
2013-05-07 Duncan Lauriehaswell: Remove limit on package C-state
2013-05-07 Duncan Lauriehaswell: Update ChromeOS ACPI GPIO package
2013-05-07 Aaron Durbincbfstool: check potential microcode update earlier
2013-05-07 Aaron Durbinhaswell: split microcode between ULT and non-ULT
2013-05-07 Aaron Durbinx86: call cbfstool update-fit when fit selected
2013-05-07 David Hendricksexynos5: select HAVE_MONOTONIC_TIMER
2013-05-07 David Hendricksexynos5250/snow: deprecate time.h
2013-05-07 David Hendrickstimer.h: add mono_time_diff_microseconds()
2013-05-07 David Hendricksexynos5/5250: Update timer call sites to use monotonic...
2013-05-07 David HendricksRevert "exynos5250/snow: deprecate time.h"
2013-05-07 David Hendricksexynos5250/snow: deprecate time.h
2013-05-07 David Hendricksexynos5250: monotonic timer implementation (using MCT)
2013-05-07 David Hendricksarmv7: invalidate TLB entries as they are added/modified
2013-05-07 Ronald G. MinnichARMV7: add a function to disable MMU entries
2013-05-07 Hung-Te LinGoogle/Snow: Revise bootblock initialization.
2013-05-07 David Hendricksarmv7: add wrapper for tlbimvaa
2013-05-07 Hung-Te LinGoogle/Snow: Remove duplicated SPI1 initialization...
2013-05-06 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Expose ACPI Device for LP GPIO controller
2013-05-04 Duncan Laurieslippy: Update SPD
2013-05-03 Stefan ReinauerMake ssize_t an actual ssize_t
2013-05-03 David Hendrickssnow: Set vbe mode info to valid later in the boot...
2013-05-03 David Hendrickscall fill_lb_framebuffer() earlier
2013-05-02 Duncan Laurieslippy: Add SPD data for on-board memory
2013-05-01 Aaron Durbindevice tree: track init times
2013-05-01 Stefan Reinauerchromeos: Add PRESUBMIT.cfg
2013-05-01 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Move ME lock down to ramstage
2013-05-01 Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Add missing ME MBP entries
2013-05-01 Duncan Laurieslippy: Prepare LPC IO decode ranges for EC
2013-05-01 Duncan Laurieslippy: Add iSSD power sequencing
2013-05-01 Aaron Durbinlibpayload: make searching for a file less verbose
2013-05-01 Aaron Durbincbfs: make searching for a file less verbose
2013-05-01 Aaron Durbinlynxpoint: export mem console pointer in ACPI
2013-05-01 Aaron Durbinhaswell: enable monotonic timer
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: boot state: run timers on state entry
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: coreboot: add timer queue implementation
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: boot state: track times for each state
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: tsc: provide monotonic timer
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: lapic: monotonic time implementation
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: haswell: 24MHz monotonic time implementation
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: coreboot: introduce monotonic timer API
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: boot state: rebalance payload load vs actual...
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: x86: use boot state callbacks to disable...
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: boot: remove cbmem_post_handling()
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: cbmem: use boot state machine
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: coverage: use boot state callbacks
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: acpi: split resume check and actual resume...
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: boot state: schedule static callbacks
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: ramstage: introduce boot state machine
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: rmodule: put all code/data bits in one section
2013-05-01 Aaron DurbinBACKPORT: string: Add STRINGIFY macro
2013-05-01 Stefan ReinauerFix Google ChromeEC driver
2013-05-01 Stefan ReinauerFix mainboard GPI handler prototype
2013-05-01 Hung-Te LinGoogle/Snow: Remove unnecessary serial console init...
2013-05-01 Hung-Te LinGoogle/Snow: Temporary fix for resume failure.
2013-05-01 Hung-Te LinGoogle/Snow: Enable suspend/resume.
2013-05-01 Hung-Te Lingoogle/snow: Revise romstage initialization code.
2013-05-01 Hung-Te Lingoogle/snow: Add "wakeup" module for suspend/resume.
2013-05-01 Hung-Te Linarm/exynos: Allow DRAM controller to be initialized...
2013-05-01 Ronald G. MinnichGOOGLE/SNOW: get graphics working
2013-05-01 David Hendricksexynos5250: ungate the product ID register
2013-05-01 Ronald G. MinnichGOOGLE/SNOW: fix stupid paren error
2013-05-01 David Hendricksgoogle/snow: disable unused USB3.0 PLL to save power
2013-05-01 David Hendricksexynos5: eliminate lcd_base variable
2013-05-01 David Hendricksgoogle/snow: Minor clean-ups for display setup code...
2013-05-01 David Hendricksgoogle/snow: enable clock gating to save power
2013-05-01 Ronald G. Minnichexynos5250: get xres and yres out of the device tree...
2013-05-01 David Hendricks[3/3] google/snow: enable TMU
2013-05-01 David Hendricks[2/3] exynos5: modify thermal management unit code...
2013-05-01 David Hendricks[1/3] exynos5: import thermal management unit code
2013-05-01 David Hendricksexynos5: move power_enable_hw_thermal_trip() prototype
2013-05-01 David Hendricksarmv7/exynos5250: Deprecate sdelay in favor of udelay
2013-05-01 David Hendricksgoogle/snow: enable 32KHz sleep clock
2013-05-01 Ronald G. MinnichSamsung/exynos5250: convert unsigned {int,char} to...
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Return 0 from get_recovery_mode_from_vbnv.
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Report the state of the power button GPIO in...
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Configure the power button as an input GPIO.
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Fix the name of some constants in romstage.c.
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Get rid of the oprom loaded GPIO.
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Tidy up chromeos.c.
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Add support for EC based recovery.
2013-05-01 Gabe Blacksnow: Fix some comments in chromeos.c.
2013-05-01 Hung-Te Linec/google: Move plug-n-play initialization to LPC protocol.
2013-05-01 Hung-Te Linec/google: Support Google's Chrome EC on I2C interface.
2013-05-01 Hung-Te Linec/google: Isolate EC bus protocol implementation.
2013-05-01 David Hendricksexynos5/snow: remove wait_ms arg from dp_controller_init()
2013-05-01 Ronald G. MinnichExynos5250: add a microsecond timer
2013-05-01 Gabe BlackSnow: Set up the ChromeOS GPIOs as inputs during the...
2013-05-01 Gabe BlackSnow: Fix the recovery GPIO polarity, and lid GPIO...
2013-05-01 Gabe BlackARM: Unmask aborts very early in the bootblock.
2013-05-01 Ronald G. MinnichExynos5250: Use new chip settings for the cpu
2013-05-01 Ronald G. MinnichGOOGLE/SNOW: add edp support to ramstage
2013-05-01 David Hendricks[2/2] tps65090: re-factor for coreboot
2013-05-01 David Hendricks[1/2] initial import of TI TPS65090
2013-05-01 Ronald G. MinnichGOOGLE/SNOW: clean up the device tree
2013-05-01 David Hendricksexynos5: Re-factor I2C code
2013-05-01 David Hendricksreplace device/i2c.h with simpler version