copy_and_run: drop boot_complete parameter
[gnutoo-for-coreboot:coreboot.git] / src / arch / x86 / lib / c_start.S
2013-05-10 Stefan Reinauercopy_and_run: drop boot_complete parameter
2013-05-10 Stefan Reinauerhardwaremain: drop boot_complete parameter
2013-03-23 Aaron Durbinx86: mark .textfirst as allocatable and executable
2013-03-21 Aaron Durbinramstage: prepare for relocation
2013-03-20 Aaron Durbinx86: don't clear bss in ramstage entry
2013-03-19 Aaron Durbinx86: remove stack definition in linker script
2012-11-27 Patrick Georgibuild system: Eliminate special case for c_start
2012-11-20 Stefan ReinauerUnify use of bool config variables
2012-07-15 Ronald G. MinnichPoison the stack to uncover programming errors
2012-06-23 Denis 'GNUtoo' CarikliAdd an option for Waiting for gdb connection if the...
2011-04-11 Alexandru GagniucUnify use of post_code
2010-12-11 Stefan ReinauerAfter this has been brought up many times before, renam...