Use explicit latin1 in the tests.
[grantlee:grantlee.git] / tests / testdefaulttags.cpp
2010-07-25 Stephen KellyUse explicit latin1 in the tests.
2010-07-08 Stephen KellyHandle QStringList in a loop as a special case.
2010-04-08 Stephen KellyMake it possible to specify the path to relative extern...
2010-04-07 Stephen KellyMake it possible to create output with both relative...
2010-04-05 Stephen KellyFix a truthiness issue with QVariantHash
2010-03-24 Stephen KellyReport unexpected errors in tests.
2010-03-23 Stephen KellyMake the range tag support a no-arguments mode.
2010-03-23 Stephen KellyUpdate the process and defaults for finding plugins.
2010-03-23 Stephen KellyRemove the Util class in favour of free functions in...
2010-03-23 Stephen KellyRemove the global.h file, whose meaning doesn't match...
2010-03-21 Stephen KellyFix the range tag.
2010-03-21 Stephen KellyFix all includes to QtModule/QClass
2010-03-20 Stephen KellyBuild with QT_NO_KEYWORDS
2010-03-19 Stephen KellyUpdate the tests now that media_finder returns a file...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellySome whitespace fixes from astyle.
2010-03-10 Stephen KellyFix the mediafinder when multiple options are available.
2010-03-04 Stephen KellyAdd media uri tracking to media_finder and Context
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyChange the licence from LGPLv3 to LGPLv2+
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyMerge EngineState into Engine.
2010-02-05 Stephen KellyDon't install libraries to the build directory and...
2010-01-30 Stephen KellyUse <QtModule/QClass> for Qt includes in installed...
2010-01-30 Stephen KellyFix minor string issues reported by krazy.
2010-01-28 Stephen KellyRepurpose grantlee.h to be a convenience include.
2009-09-07 Stephen KellyChange Template to a QSharedPointer.
2009-09-05 Stephen KellyMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/874' of git://gitorio...
2009-09-05 Stephen KellyMerge branch 'fixcmakelists'
2009-08-22 Stephen KellyAlways give the Template a name when creating it.
2009-06-15 Stephen KellyTemplates can only be created through the Engine.
2009-06-09 Stephen KellyRename tests to django names.
2009-06-09 Stephen KellyAdd new test for now tag.
2009-06-09 Stephen KellyRemove duplicate row
2009-06-09 Stephen KellyDisallow variable and lookups with underscores
2009-06-08 Stephen KellyRemove dictionary unpack feature. SiC.
2009-06-08 Stephen KellyFix autoescape tag and add tests.
2009-06-08 Stephen KellyAdd proper licence header to all files now that I've...
2009-06-08 Stephen KellyRename templateloader files to engine and update some...
2009-06-08 Stephen KellyStandardise style with astyle.
2009-06-07 Stephen KellyRename TemplateLoader to Grantlee::Engine, and *Templat...
2009-06-07 Stephen KellyFix regroup tag. The items should appear grouped in...
2009-06-07 Stephen KellyQVariantMap -> QVariantHash. KDevelop rocks.
2009-06-07 Stephen KellyChange existing for-tag-unpack to unpack lists instead...
2009-06-07 Stephen KellyMake Parser get the plugin dirs from the TemplateLoader...
2009-06-07 Stephen KellyChange error system to use error methods instead of...
2009-05-30 Stephen KellyInlcude extra separate header.
2009-05-25 Stephen KellyAdd new unit tests from DJango trunk.
2009-05-21 Stephen KellyRemove hardcoded path from tests.
2009-05-18 Stephen KellyHandle unpacking lists of different sizes.
2009-05-18 Stephen KellyUse QObject::parent when creating nodes in parser.
2009-05-15 Stephen KellyEnable some tests which needed cycle tag to work.
2009-05-15 Stephen KellyImplement the cycle tag properly with unit tests.
2009-05-14 Stephen KellyFix unit test with nested lists.
2009-05-14 Stephen KellyImplement unpacking multiple values in a for tag. Still...
2009-05-14 Stephen KellyImplement ifchanged tag.
2009-05-13 Stephen KellyImplement the regroup tag.
2009-05-13 Stephen KellyImplement spaceless tag.
2009-05-13 Stephen KellyImplement the now tag.
2009-05-12 Stephen KellyImplement the filter tag.
2009-05-12 Stephen KellyAdd tests for default tags and loader tags.