Make "make test" at the top of the source tree run the tests.
[grantlee:grantlee.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2010-04-13 Brad HardsMake "make test" at the top of the source tree run...
2010-04-09 Stephen KellyRemove mutabletags from the 0.1 release. v0.1.0-rc1
2010-04-02 Stephen KellyPut the doxygen found message in a more appropriate...
2010-04-01 Stephen KellyMake pedantic checks result in errors instead of warnings.
2010-03-22 Stephen KellyFix silly typo in comment
2010-03-22 Stephen KellyMake it possible to build the scriptable and the main...
2010-03-22 Stephen KellyGenerate the docs twice. Once for Qt assistant, once...
2010-03-21 Stephen KellyChange the default to build tests.
2010-03-21 Stephen KellyAdd some configure time options to build Grantlee in...
2010-03-16 Stephen KellyPass tests on MinGW.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyDrop Qt requirement to 4.5.0.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyExport the builder system as part of the grantlee_gui...
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyAdd the RichTextBuilders from kdepimlibs.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyRemove the grantlee_ prefix from directory names.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyDon't put parseArgumments in a separate file.
2010-03-11 Stephen KellyCompile without millions of warnings on MinGW.
2010-03-10 Stephen KellyMake sure plugins can like to the core library.
2010-03-04 Stephen KellyFix build
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyRequire Qt 4.6. Needed to use QWeakPointer as a QObject...
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyAdd a make docs target for doxygen and QtAssistant...
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyAdd a partially working cmake uninstall command
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyRemove _library suffix from the core library
2010-02-27 Stephen KellyRemove the FindGrantlee.cmake file, now replaced by...
2010-02-27 Stephen KellyMake it possible again to run tests in the build direct...
2010-02-26 Marcus D. HanwellSmall improvements to compiler/build settings.
2010-02-20 Stephen KellyAdd GrantleeConfig, Version and Use files.
2010-02-20 Stephen KellyUse the more common titlecase for Grantlee cmake variables.
2010-02-06 Stephen KellyUse hidden visibility on gcc.
2010-02-05 Stephen KellyMake it possible to load plugins compiled with earlier...
2010-02-05 Stephen KellyRemove the "lib" prefix and "library" suffix from plugins.
2010-02-05 Stephen KellyRemove the use of automoc and use cmake macros instead.
2010-02-02 Stephen KellyUse compiler flags on UNIX only.
2010-01-22 Stephen KellyAdd some compiler flags for warnings and fix the warnings.
2009-11-26 Till AdamMake sure the library is linked with proper full RPATH...
2009-11-26 Stephen KellyChange version number to 0.1.0 to reduce weirdness
2009-09-05 Stephen KellyMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/874' of git://gitorio...
2009-09-05 Stephen KellyMerge branch 'fixcmakelists'
2009-07-14 Volker KrauseAdd support for library dir suffixes (eg. 'lib64'). 874
2009-07-14 Stephen KellyMerge branch 'master' into fixcmakelists
2009-07-03 Stephen KellyInstall FindGrantlee to the correct place.
2009-07-03 Stephen KellyMerge branch 'master' into lvillani-review
2009-07-03 Stephen KellyMerge branch 'master' into lvillani-review
2009-07-01 Lorenzo Villaniadd FindGrantlee.cmake 790
2009-06-11 Stephen KellyAdd the mutable tags library.
2009-06-07 Stephen KellyGenerate version number in cmake and a bit of cleanup.
2009-05-30 Stephen KellyAdd the scriptable tags library to repo.
2009-05-18 Stephen KellyInstall plugins to a versioned directory as suggested...
2009-05-12 Stephen KellyAdd the defaultfilters library to repo.
2009-05-04 Stephen KellyRemove dependancy on KDE buildsystem.
2009-05-03 Stephen KellyUse git instead of svn for version control.