Implement the rest of SafeString::NestedString to override QString.
[grantlee:grantlee.git] / corelib / safestring.h
2010-03-18 Stephen KellyImplement the rest of SafeString::NestedString to overr...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellyUse the more readable representation of safety inside...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellyImplement the SafeString assignment operator and assign...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellySome whitespace fixes from astyle.
2010-03-16 Stephen KellyFix MSVC build. Need to export symbols of nested classes.
2010-03-15 Stephen KellyStart implementing more of NestedString.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyAdd @author line to documented headers.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyRemove the grantlee_ prefix from directory names.