2010-03-18 Stephen KellyImplement the rest of SafeString::NestedString to overr...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellyMake the convenience accessors in Filter return SafeStr...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellyUse the more readable representation of safety inside...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellyImplement the SafeString assignment operator and assign...
2010-03-18 Stephen KellySome whitespace fixes from astyle.
2010-03-16 Stephen KellyFix include path. Windows couldn't handle the &quot...
2010-03-16 Stephen KellyPass tests on MinGW.
2010-03-16 Stephen KellyFix MSVC build. Need to export symbols of nested classes.
2010-03-15 Stephen KellyStart implementing more of NestedString.
2010-03-15 Stephen KellyRemove not-implemented method.
2010-03-15 Stephen KellyMimic the handling of python built-in types.
2010-03-15 Stephen KellyUpdate directory names in Doxyfile.
2010-03-15 Stephen KellyUpdate the headers included in grantlee_core.h
2010-03-15 Stephen KellyFix build of example.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyDrop Qt requirement to 4.5.0.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyFix build
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyDon't try to build with automoc
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyFix the build on Windows
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyMake the tests build again.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyMake the MarkupDirector a type of AbstractBuilder and...
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyConvert the API of MarkupDirector to consist mostly...
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyMake the AbstractMarkupBuilderInterface pure virtual.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyImplement the rest of the AbstractMarkupBuilder for...
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyUse the standard Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE etc macros in Markup...
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyFix some constness.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyFix up some newline issues with import/export
2010-03-14 Stephen Kellys/constructContent/processDocument/
2010-03-14 Stephen Kellys/memberName/m_memberName
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyDon't crash when the last fragment has several styles.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyClear the stored string when returning the result.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyMake the builder return a QString, not a reference.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellySome minor refactoring.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyAdd @author line to documented headers.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyUpdate style to conform to Grantlee conventions.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyUpdate the project description in the licence header.
2010-03-14 Stephen Kellys/KClass/Grantlee::Class/g
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyExport the builder system as part of the grantlee_gui...
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyRemove KDE dependancy
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyAdd the RichTextBuilders from kdepimlibs.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellySilence compiler warning
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyRemove the grantlee_ prefix from directory names.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyDon't put parseArgumments in a separate file.
2010-03-14 Stephen KellyInstall missing header.
2010-03-11 Stephen KellyCompile without millions of warnings on MinGW.
2010-03-11 Stephen KellyFix MSVC build.
2010-03-10 Stephen KellyMake sure plugins can like to the core library.
2010-03-10 Stephen KellyFix the mediafinder when multiple options are available.
2010-03-10 Christophe... Use the correct install dir for libraries.
2010-03-09 Stephen KellyMake it possible to implement alternative escaping...
2010-03-09 Stephen KellyUpdate benchmarks
2010-03-09 Stephen KellyConvert Grantlee to a streaming API.
2010-03-09 Stephen KellyMake the benchmarks build again.
2010-03-08 Stephen KellySome minor cleanups
2010-03-08 Stephen KellyDon't abuse operator-> in SafeString. Use get() instead.
2010-03-08 Stephen KellyMinor cleanup
2010-03-08 Stephen KellySimplify the filter API. Don't mimic the needsAutoescap...
2010-03-08 Stephen KellyMake the case more standard.
2010-03-05 Stephen KellyAdd a way to test the PluginPointer (needs valgrind)
2010-03-05 Stephen KellyProvide a couple of more accessors on the PluginPointer.
2010-03-05 Stephen KellyMake sure the _Dummy class is not accessible.
2010-03-04 Stephen KellyAdd media uri tracking to media_finder and Context
2010-03-04 Stephen KellyUse a managed pointer for handling plugins.
2010-03-04 Stephen KellyFix build
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyChange the licence from LGPLv3 to LGPLv2+
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyFix the books example. Port to new API.
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyRequire Qt 4.6. Needed to use QWeakPointer as a QObject...
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyMerge EngineState into Engine.
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyAdd an interface for setting the Engine on the TagLibrary.
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyUse QPluginLoader to manage plugin resources.
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyDon't give the scriptable libary extra special treatment.
2010-03-03 Stephen KellyRemove all unnecessary default constructors.
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyAdd a make docs target for doxygen and QtAssistant...
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyFix some minor Doxygen issues.
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyAdd a partially working cmake uninstall command
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyBuild the books example with DQT_NO_KEYWORDS
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyRemove _library suffix from the core library
2010-02-28 Stephen Kellys/Grantlee_LIBRARIES/Granltee_CORE_LIBRARIES/g
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyMove grantlee.h to grantlee_core.h
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyMove the taglibraryinterface out of a standalone directory.
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyAdd a slash in the plugin search path.
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyFix the installed location of the GrantleeUse file.
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyRe-add strings file
2010-02-28 Stephen KellyUpdate the grantlee_add_plugin macro to take specified...
2010-02-27 Stephen KellyRemove the FindGrantlee.cmake file, now replaced by...
2010-02-27 Stephen KellyMake it possible again to run tests in the build direct...
2010-02-27 Stephen KellyFix memory leak.
2010-02-26 Marcus D. HanwellSmall improvements to compiler/build settings.
2010-02-20 Stephen KellyAdd GrantleeConfig, Version and Use files.
2010-02-20 Stephen KellyUse the more common titlecase for Grantlee cmake variables.
2010-02-14 Stephen KellyFix crash introduced by 9a18870b30d6349d6ea18e17c0b1193...
2010-02-06 Stephen KellyFix some warning output from moc by not running it...
2010-02-06 Stephen KellyUse the correct version string when creating the Qt...
2010-02-06 Stephen KellyUse hidden visibility on gcc.
2010-02-06 Stephen KellyInstall plugins to the correct location on windows.
2010-02-06 Stephen KellyDon't crash if a library can not be found.
2010-02-06 Stephen KellyLook for the correct mutable tags library.
2010-02-05 Stephen KellyMake it possible to load plugins compiled with earlier...
2010-02-05 Stephen KellyEnsure that libraries loaded through templates are...
2010-02-05 Stephen KellyDon't allow loading the scriptable tags proxy library...