2013-09-21 Stephen Kellyw volatile_qt5_port
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyBump the version to 1.0.0.
2013-09-21 Stephen Kellyw
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyAlways use QStringBuilder.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyMake the template error accessors const.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyMake the Grantlee::Node::render method const.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyMove object access logic to metatype.cpp
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove specialized container access code from Grantlee.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove redundant Q_DECLARE_METATYPE declarations.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyUpdate the date format in the french locale.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellySpecialize some Qt templates for custom containers...
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyUse new QVariant container iteration features from...
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyUse new feature of extracting a QObject* from QVariant.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove Qt 4 compatbility code.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyPort to qt5 CMake macros.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyPort the remaining C++ code to Qt 5.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyPort from QObject-tracking QWeakPointer to QPointer.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyPort to Qt 5. Use IMPORTED targets from Qt 5.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyChange the library names to Grantlee::Templates and...
2013-09-21 Stephen KellySimplify the GrantleeConfig file.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove includes and defines from the Grantlee_USE_FILE.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove grantlee_add_plugin macro. Add macro to adjust...
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove macro-implemented plugin export.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove auto-registration of types in the metatype system.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyTemporarily add some macros to help Qt 5 porting source...
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyAdd Q_PLUGIN_METADATA tags to plugins.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyModernize the documentation.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyFix up the plugin pointer test.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove redundant include_directories calls and definitions.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyAdd include directory for scriptable_tags at target...
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyAuto-populate the INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES proprerty.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyRemove redundancy in Qt target listings.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellySet target properties for hidden visibility.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyIncrease minimum CMake version to 2.8.11.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyAdd API for resolving variables to strings in QtScript.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyFix the htmlapps example with Qt 4.8+
2013-09-11 Stephen KellyAdd missing includes.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyReplace module includes with class includes in examples.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyComment out the identica page.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyLoad jQuery by the correct version.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyReplace old compressed jquery with the latest release.
2013-09-05 Stephen KellyDon't try to read from a null QObject*.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyDon't uselessly store the template as a member.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyFix build in the presence of QStringBuilder.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyAvoid unsigned comparison with 0 warning.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyRead SOURCES directly from targets for the cccc target.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyInstall the grantlee_textdocument.h header.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyUse non-deprecated variables.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyUse the non-obsolete grantlee_templates header where...
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyGenerate the min plugin version from the major version.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellySet the SOVERSION to the Grantlee major version.
2013-09-03 Stephen KellyAdd a convenience buildsystem for the examples.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyDon't rely on order for QSet related tests.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyRemove stray debug output.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyReturn the library if it is found.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyDon't rely on order of elements in QHash.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyEnsure that we never decrement a uint below 0.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyAdd missing include.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyUse an empty endmacro() command.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyUse list(APPEND) where appropriate.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyUse CMAKE_AUTOMOC instead of qt4_automoc.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyIncrease the CMake requirement for examples and tests.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyUse Qt4 IMPORTED target names directly.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyRemove unneeded find_package(Qt4)
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyRemove unneeded QT_NO_KEYWORDS definition.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyAdd some uniformity to command invocation.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyPrefer CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIR over explicit binary...
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyDon't use QT_NO_KEYWORDS in examples.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyUse Qt4 IMPORTED target names directly.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyRemove QT_DEFINITIONS where not needed.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyRemove add_definitions(-DQT_GUI_LIB) where not needed.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyRemove some find_package(Qt4) calls.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyDon't use multiple add_definitions calls where one...
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyAdd missing newline.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyPort away from CMAKE_AUTOMOC_RELAXED_MODE.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyRemove use of obsolete IMMEDIATE option.
2013-09-02 Stephen KellyFix memory leak - delete private instance.
2013-07-04 Stephen KellyAvoid manipulation of CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE when it is not...
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyUse the LINK_ scope keywords and IMPORTED targets direc...
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyTrim trailing whitespace.
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyUse to/fromLatin1 instead of to/fromAscii
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyRemove version variables from the Config file.
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyUse CMake to generate a ConfigVersion file.
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyNamespace the variable for the root directory of the...
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyUse CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR where appropriate.
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyUse the CMAKE_AUTOMOC feature in Grantlee.
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyUse CMakeParseArguments from upstream.
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyUse GenerateExportHeader from CMake upstream.
2013-03-15 Stephen KellyBump Grantlee CMake requirement to 2.8.9.
2013-03-14 Stephen KellyFind qtestlib only where it is needed.
2013-03-14 Stephen KellyBump version.
2012-11-01 Stephen KellyBump the version for the next release. v0.3.0
2012-11-01 Montel LaurentAdd new line after a list item.
2012-10-20 Montel LaurentAdd support for roman style
2012-10-20 Stephen KellyRemove unused variables.
2012-08-12 Stephen KellyFix some includes.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyUse a QVector of filters instead of a QList.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyAssert on the required internal type in a cycle tag.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyTest the null localizer plural behaviour.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyTest the population of the externalMedia context container.