2014-09-22 Stephen KellyUpdate the Changelog for 5.0.0. v5.0.0-rc1
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyBump the version to 5.0.0.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove unused method Parser::setTokens.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove typedefs for QSharedPointers from APIs.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMake Template::render non-virtual.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove non-sense TODO item.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyUse a const object now that we only call const methods...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRename the identifier for Grantlee plugins.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMove Filter implementation out of line.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMerge LocalizedFilesystemTemplateLoader into FileSystem...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyUse PIMPL for FileSystemTemplateLoader.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyAdjust use of unsafe ascii casts.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove grantlee latin1literal wrapper.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyUse QStringLiteral wherever viable.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyAlways use QStringBuilder.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMake the template error accessors const.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMake the Grantlee::Node::render method const.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyChange the exported name of plugin IMPORTED targets.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyChange the library names to Grantlee::Templates and...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyBump the required CMake version to 2.8.12.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove legacy grantlee_core.h convenience header.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRename the export macros for the libraries.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellySimplify the GrantleeConfig file.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRe-purpose the GrantleeUse file as a GrantleeMacros...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove includes from the Grantlee_USE_FILE.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove grantlee_add_plugin macro. Add macro to adjust...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMove object access logic to metatype.cpp
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove specialized container access code from Grantlee.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyUse new QVariant container iteration features from...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove redundant Q_DECLARE_METATYPE declarations.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove use of Grantlee macros for container access...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyUse new feature of extracting a QObject* from QVariant.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyUpdate the date format in the french locale.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyPort the remaining C++ code to Qt 5.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyPort from QObject-tracking QWeakPointer to QPointer.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove macro-implemented plugin export.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove auto-registration of types in the metatype system.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove option of building grantlee with Qt 4.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyBump the version to 0.5.1. v0.5.1
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyRemove unused variable.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyDon't unload plugins when no longer used.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyDrop the Qt 5 requirement to 5.2.0.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMake sure output redirection works by making the COMMAN...
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyFind Qt5LinguistTools in the contacts example.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMake the codegen example build with Qt 5.
2014-09-22 Stephen KellyMake the coverage target work with Qt 5.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyBump the version for the next release. v0.5.0
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyAdd Changelog for version 0.5.0.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyRemove version number from README file.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyRemove the GOALS file.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyList header files as target sources to help IDE display.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyAdd a way to build Grantlee with Qt 5.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyRely on AUTORCC and AUTOUIC in the examples.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyPort use of Qt::escape to Qt 5.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyPort use of QMetaType in test to Qt 5.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyPort use of QPointer to Qt 5.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyPort use of QApplication::translate to Qt 5.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyAllow the metatype system to work with Qt 5.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyAdjust the i18n test for Qt 5 output.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyAdd Q_PLUGIN_METADATA tags to plugins.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyMove the project() command below cmake_minimum_required().
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyMake the timeuntil filter test more-robust.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellySilence unused variable warnings.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyExport CMake targets for grantlee plugins.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyRemove excess trailing newlines from files.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyRemove superflous includes from convenience header.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyUpdate url to retrieve weather rss in example.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyReport a syntax error when using arg separator without...
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyDon't take ownership of QTranslator* in installTranslator.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyDon't leak on syntax errors in variables.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyAvoid unsafe cast from static string.
2014-09-19 Stephen KellyRemove incorrect coverage flags from exe and stlib...
2014-09-18 Stephen KellyFix typo in comment.
2014-08-08 Stephen KellyRemove intermediate lists in cmake which add no value.
2014-08-08 Stephen KellyMark an assert-only parameter as unused.
2014-08-08 Stephen KellyRemove obsolete moc includes.
2014-08-07 Stephen KellyRemove include guard for the targets file.
2014-08-07 Stephen KellyFix variable use for CMP0053 compliance.
2013-12-16 Stephen KellyFix extends tag parsing.
2013-12-13 Stephen KellyModernize the documentation.
2013-12-13 Stephen KellyFix up the plugin pointer test.
2013-12-13 Stephen KellyRemove redundant include_directories calls and definitions.
2013-12-13 Stephen KellyAdd include directory for scriptable_tags at target...
2013-12-13 Stephen KellyAuto-populate the INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES proprerty.
2013-12-13 Stephen KellyRemove redundancy in Qt target listings.
2013-11-28 Stephen KellySet target properties for hidden visibility.
2013-11-28 Stephen KellyIncrease minimum CMake version to 2.8.11.
2013-11-28 Stephen KellyUpdate Changelog for 0.4.0. v0.4.0
2013-11-28 Stephen KellyAdd missing Changelog for previous releases.
2013-11-28 Stephen KellyAdd support for QMetaType::Float.
2013-11-28 Stephen KellyCast floating point number to qreal.
2013-11-28 Stephen KellyInitialize resource data.
2013-09-24 Stephen KellyCreate a static library instead of compiling some files...
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyAdd API for resolving variables to strings in QtScript.
2013-09-21 Stephen KellyFix the htmlapps example with Qt 4.8+
2013-09-11 Stephen KellyAdd missing includes.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyReplace module includes with class includes in examples.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyComment out the identica page.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyLoad jQuery by the correct version.
2013-09-06 Stephen KellyReplace old compressed jquery with the latest release.