last changeWed, 26 Jan 2011 18:08:01 +0000 (19:08 +0100)
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyMerge branch '0.1' master
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyBump the patch version in the 0.1 branch.
2011-01-24 Stephen KellyUse toUtf8 so as not to constrain the original text. v0.1.8
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyRedesign to remove the global.
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyRename the objects to translatable strings.
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyAdd documentation and simplify the script
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyUse liberal BSD style licence for scripts.
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyClear some containers to avoid processing strings many...
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyRename core/templates and gui/textdocument everywhere...
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyAdd some tests showing that garbage input is well handled.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyRemove the settingsToken, which is not used anywhere.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyWorkaround MSVC behaviour regarding template initializa...
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyResolve MinGW warning.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyBuild on MSVC.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyDatetimes are internationalized differently on Windows.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyRevert "Create a private library for the template system"
7 years ago v0.1.8 Create the 0.1.8 release.
7 years ago v0.1.7 Create the 0.1.7 release.
7 years ago v0.1.6 Create the 0.1.6 release.
7 years ago v0.1.5 Create the 0.1.5 release.
7 years ago v0.1.4 Create the 0.1.4 release.
7 years ago v0.1.3 Create the 0.1.3 release.
7 years ago v0.1.2 Create the 0.1.2 release.
8 years ago v0.1.1 Create the 0.1.1 release.
8 years ago v0.1.0 Create the 0.1.0 release.
8 years ago v0.1.0-rc1 Create a release candidate for...
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