add plugin path depending on executable location
[grantlee:saroengelss-grantlee.git] / templates / lib / engine.cpp
2013-05-24 Patrick Spendrinadd plugin path depending on executable location master
2011-11-01 S├ębastien FrickerRegister plugins to TestCocoon after loading it
2011-08-06 Stephen KellyRemove the mutabletags experiment from master.
2011-06-24 Stephen KellyMerge branch '0.1'
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyAdd API for enabling smartTrim.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyMerge branch '0.1'
2010-11-11 Stephen KellyMerge branch '0.1'
2010-11-10 Stephen KellySearch in the template loaders for javascript plugin...
2010-11-10 Stephen KellyCreate a separate method for getting the filename of...
2010-11-10 Stephen KellyAdd API for removing plugin dirs.
2010-11-03 Stephen Kellyastyle whitespace fixes.
2010-11-01 Stephen KellySeparate the template related code and the textdocument...