2011-06-24 Stephen KellyFill the changelog for the next release. v0.1.9
2011-06-24 Stephen KellyCompile with -DQT_NO_KEYWORDS
2011-06-24 Stephen KellyFill in the Changelog for all released versions.
2011-06-24 Evgeny Lunegovseemed .resolve( c ).toList() do not work properly...
2011-06-24 Stephen KellyMore documentation for the examples.
2011-06-23 Stephen KellyAdd a convenience header for the textdocument library.
2011-06-23 Stephen KellyAdd a script for creating a docs tarball easily.
2011-06-23 Stephen KellyEnable some more flags for safety.
2011-06-23 Stephen KellyDon't document the Metatype class, but document the...
2011-06-23 Stephen KellyDocument the smartTrim features, useful for code genera...
2011-06-22 Stephen KellyRemove some excludes which no longer exist.
2011-06-22 Stephen KellyUse the force...
2011-06-22 Stephen KellyUse the USE file before building the library.
2011-06-22 Stephen KellyMake sure the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is set to something...
2011-06-22 Stephen KellyFind Qt in the config file, not the USE file.
2011-06-22 Stephen KellyDon't hardcode the path to Qt in the GrantleeTargets...
2011-06-20 Sune VuorelaFix build on MIPS and ARM.
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyGenerate NSIS install wizards on Windows.
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyAdd a description for the Common component and make...
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyAdd a reference to the licence file.
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyFix mingw build.
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyLink to QtNetwork
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyMake it possible to create tarball packages with CPack.
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyCreate some components for different frameworks
2011-06-20 Stephen KellyPort to the shipped version of ParseArguments.
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyRemove repetition of Qt USE file.
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyUse a CMake shortcut instead of specifying the binary...
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyRemove redundant CMake includes.
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyNo need to specify the binary dir for plugins.
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyRemove explicit QT_INCLUDES.
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyMake sure to list all required modules.
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyUse cccc to get metrics about Grantlee source.
2011-06-19 Stephen KellyAdd a Coverage build type and target for running unit...
2011-06-18 Stephen KellyGenerate dependency graphs with dot instead of using...
2011-06-14 Stephen KellyAdd missing file.
2011-06-14 Stephen KellyUse the new export header generating macro.
2011-06-14 Stephen KellyNo need to set these variables when using the export...
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyAdd export targets for grantlee.
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyThere is no need to specify dependencies in the LIBRARI...
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyTake this outside of the conditional
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyUse more variables instead of hardcoding.
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyDon't hardcode the install path into the config file.
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyDon't hardcode the install path. Let it be overridden.
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyFix the configured path to the USE file.
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyUse the defined directory.
2011-06-09 Stephen KellyInstall the cmake stuff to a better location.
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyUse automatic RPATH handling
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyDon't make QTSCRIPT part of the link interface of grant...
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyPlugins don't need all the extra stuff.
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyPlugins should be modules, not libraries as other targe...
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyDon't set the link_directories behind the users back.
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyNo need to use IMMEDIATE anymore.
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyUse Grantlee_PLUGIN_DIR instead of PATH, which is usual...
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyUse _DIR for a single path and don't confuse built...
2011-06-08 Stephen KellyUse a more specific minimum cmake version.
2011-05-29 Stephen KellyUse PersonWrapper consistently instead of MyPersonWrapper.
2011-05-29 Stephen KellyAdd a unit test for QObject derived custom types in...
2011-05-29 Stephen KellyMake sure QObject conversion is exported.
2011-05-29 Stephen KellyFix the docs regarding QObject derived pointers in...
2011-05-29 Stephen KellyClarify documentation a bit. Qt 4.8 does not fix this...
2011-03-14 Stephen KellyAdd a list property to the Contact class.
2011-03-14 Stephen KellyUse a QObject in a Q_PROPERTY for the Address.
2011-03-14 Stephen KellySpecialize registering of QObject derived types automat...
2011-03-14 Stephen KellyAdd clearer documentation about QObject derived types...
2011-03-13 Stephen KellyUse the new Context::insert overload.
2011-03-13 Stephen KellyAdd a convenience overload for QObject derived types.
2011-02-26 Stephen KellyDisambiguate type from nested type.
2011-02-06 Stephen KellyCreate a new example showing template requests from...
2011-01-29 Stephen KellyRemove the benchmarks for now.
2011-01-27 Stephen KellyBuild with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_BYTEARRAY
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyUse smart trim to make these templates more readable.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyAdd API for enabling smartTrim.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyRestore newline counting to the token creation.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyStrip insignificant whitespace from templates.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyPort the lexer from a QRegExp based state machine to...
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyAdd a state machine for processing a stream of QChars.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyAdd a generic state machine
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyFix some encoding issues.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyRemove some noise.
2011-01-26 Stephen KellyBump the patch version in the 0.1 branch.
2011-01-24 Stephen KellyUse toUtf8 so as not to constrain the original text. v0.1.8
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyRedesign to remove the global.
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyRename the objects to translatable strings.
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyAdd documentation and simplify the script
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyUse liberal BSD style licence for scripts.
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyClear some containers to avoid processing strings many...
2011-01-22 Stephen KellyRename core/templates and gui/textdocument everywhere...
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyAdd some tests showing that garbage input is well handled.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyRemove the settingsToken, which is not used anywhere.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyWorkaround MSVC behaviour regarding template initializa...
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyResolve MinGW warning.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyBuild on MSVC.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyDatetimes are internationalized differently on Windows.
2011-01-19 Stephen KellyRevert "Create a private library for the template system"
2011-01-11 Stephen KellyCreate a private library for the template system
2011-01-10 Stephen KellyAdd more flexible handling of multiple catalogs to...
2011-01-09 Stephen KellyRevert "Be consistent about the use of streamValueInCon...
2011-01-09 Stephen KellyRevert "Make the cycle tag safe."
2010-11-29 Stephen KellyDocument the i18n features.
2010-11-29 Stephen KellyTest nesting of locales.