2012-11-01 Stephen KellyBump the version for the next release. master v0.3.0
2012-11-01 Montel LaurentAdd new line after a list item.
2012-10-20 Montel LaurentAdd support for roman style
2012-10-20 Stephen KellyRemove unused variables.
2012-08-12 Stephen KellyFix some includes.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyUse a QVector of filters instead of a QList.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyAssert on the required internal type in a cycle tag.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyTest the null localizer plural behaviour.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyTest the population of the externalMedia context container.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyTest MetaEnumVariable default ctor.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyUse QLocale provided numerical parsing instead of guess...
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyUse iterators instead of Q_FOREACH to avoid container...
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyAssert expected invariant instead of testing it.
2011-12-26 Stephen Kellybreak instead of return 'early' from a function.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyExpect tested loop termination.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyRemove unused methods.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyRemove unnecessary runtime check.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyCombine two ctors into one.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyLet Qt report the error on an empty container.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyFix style.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyUse iterators instead of Q_FOREACH
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyCheck for int, not long.
2011-12-26 Stephen KellyTest behavior of _() syntax.
2011-12-20 Stephen KellyTest expected results of the localizer on a Context.
2011-12-20 Stephen KellyAdd some tests for assignment and copy construction.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyRemove dead code and test for QMap lookup.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyRemove some dead code from variable parsing.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyRemove truth tests and implement NullTest in terms...
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyTest last tag followed by non-newline.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyMake sure wrapping non-literals with lookups in _(...
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyAdd QString as an output type.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyIf canConvert( QVariant::String ) works, convert()...
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyTest the empty template.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyTest an unterminated if tag.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyTest an unclosed comment tag.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyStart tests for load tag.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyA block tag always has a next TextNode.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyTest for a non-existant Qt enum
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyTest std::list in templates.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyActually use the literal value instead of the (empty...
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyFix handling of empty block tags.
2011-12-03 Stephen KellyRemove dead code. The parser must be a child of the...
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest the empty string for isalpha.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest more methods built into string.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest the load tag with no arguments.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest the metatype API with invalid arguments.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest accessing non-existent properties on containers.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest invalid arguments to the range tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest for another error in filter tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest extra and invalid arguments in autoescape tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest ifchanged outside of a for loop.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest that ifequal with only one argument to compare...
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest for errors in for tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest for empty if tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest smartTrim accessors.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest comparison of an enum with an int.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest the accessor for templateLoaders.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest for errors on invalid filter syntax.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest the debug tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyTest the rest of the cycle tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyRemove dead code.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyFix and test invalid use of the empty cycle tag.
2011-11-30 Stephen KellyRemove the ssi tag.
2011-11-28 Stephen Kellyifdef the reserve out before Qt 4.7 when it was introduced.
2011-11-27 Stephen KellyDon't depend on widgets without a reason to.
2011-11-27 Stephen KellyFix style.
2011-11-27 Stephen KellyReserve the size of the list required.
2011-11-27 Stephen KellyImplement convenience to get the size and count from...
2011-11-27 Stephen KellyRemove unused.
2011-11-27 Stephen KellyImplement dictsort filter.
2011-11-27 Stephen KellyAdd API to get components of a Variable.
2011-11-07 Stephen KellyGuard against multiple find_package calls.
2011-11-06 Stephen KellyTest for working tr1/unordered_map.
2011-11-01 Sébastien FrickerDo not save the execution report of each plugin 0.2 v0.2.0
2011-11-01 Sébastien FrickerRegister plugins to TestCocoon after loading it
2011-10-26 Stephen KellySilence warning about multi-line comments.
2011-10-26 Stephen KellySilence unused warning.
2011-10-26 Stephen KellyDon't run moc on filters.
2011-10-26 Stephen KellyAvoid double-compiling files for tests.
2011-10-26 Stephen KellyExport the NullLocalizer for testing.
2011-10-26 Stephen KellyAdd an import macro for internal classes needed for...
2011-10-26 Stephen KellyAdd a script for convenience to generate testcocoon...
2011-10-26 Stephen KellyEnsure that testcocoon can find the plugins for instrum...
2011-10-24 Stephen KellyMake the minimum plugin version available through the...
2011-10-18 Stephen KellyRemove unneeded comma.
2011-10-18 Stephen KellyEnsure that my personal gpg key is used for signing.
2011-10-18 Stephen KellyAlso run the tests in another locale to be sure.
2011-10-18 Stephen KellyFix unused-but-set warnings.
2011-10-05 Stephen KellyRemove hardcoded values from the expected output of... v0.2.0-rc2
2011-10-05 Stephen KellyGenerate a define for whether we have tr1.
2011-09-22 Stephen KellyInstall the GrantleeParseArguments file.
2011-09-19 Stephen KellyCompare with direct expected date output instead of...
2011-09-17 Stephen KellyAttempt to exclude the build directory from coverage...