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2013-06-08 Brandon InvergoMerge branch 'master' of master
2012-02-21 Brandon Invergoremove unnecessary importing of os.path on top of impor... sqlite_new_babel v094
2012-02-21 Brandon Invergobumped version number to 0.9.4
2012-02-21 Brandon Invergofix seg fault due to trying to import gtk in the settin...
2012-01-29 Brandon Invergoupdated main grotesque script to choose the gui by...
2012-01-29 Brandon Invergoreorganized gtk3 gui code
2012-01-29 Brandon Invergoadded gtk2 files back in
2011-08-30 Brandon InvergoFixed another problem in default data dirs
2011-08-29 Brandon InvergoFixed toolbar button text
2011-08-29 Brandon InvergoFixed config directory error
2011-08-28 Brandon InvergoFixed Windows user directory detection, added Import...
2011-08-28 Brandon InvergoRearranged main executable script
2011-08-28 Brandon InvergoFixed
2011-08-28 Brandon Invergobetter handling of jpeg vs jpg
2011-08-27 Brandon InvergoUpdated README
2011-08-27 Brandon InvergoFixed an error in vpaned and hpaned notify events
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