last changeTue, 18 Jan 2011 21:07:21 +0000 (22:07 +0100)
2011-01-18 Denis WashingtonInitial commit regarding GObject Introspection bindings master
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonzinicommit GObjectIntrospection bindings
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonzinimake libgst-gobject link with libgst
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonzinisplit glib bindings in their own package
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonziniadd compatibility hack preparing visualgst for the...
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonzininew smalltalk-mode navigational shortcuts
2011-01-15 Mathieu Suensmalltalk-mode fixes
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonzinifix DLD RoundRobinStream when the same library is loade...
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonziniexplicitly load GTK package from examples
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonziniadd missing files
2011-01-15 Paolo Bonzinifix multiple .la files in the last argument of GST_PACKAGE
2011-01-14 Paolo Bonziniaccept UndefinedObject for #cObjectPtr
2011-01-14 Paolo Bonziniremove unused file
2011-01-14 Gwenael Casacciodetect class name conflicting with its namespace
2011-01-14 Gwenael Casacciosync visualgst with upstream
2011-01-11 Paolo Bonzinifix typo
7 years ago master