last changeThu, 26 Aug 2010 12:41:45 +0000 (07:41 -0500)
2010-08-26 Stefan Kostbcsink: don't use deprecated api master
2010-08-26 Stefan Kostbcsink: cleanup termination
2010-08-26 Stefan Kostplayer: add missing include
2010-03-08 Rob Clarkfix compile error
2010-02-13 Rob Clarkplaybin2 is itself a GstPipeline
2010-02-12 Hulamani, Girish... Add background texture
2010-02-09 Rob Clarkbc-app: add more command-line options
2010-02-09 Rob Clarksome debuggability enhancements
2010-02-06 Rob Clarkadd API to GstPlayer to allow clips to be repeated
2010-02-06 Rob Clarkfix issue with bc-app when running unattended
2010-02-06 Rob Clarkadd an idle loop
2010-02-04 Rob Clarkset current texture in draw loop
2010-02-04 Rob Clarkadd auto-run option
2010-02-04 Rob Clarkconvert debug messages to use GST trace API
2010-02-04 Rob Clarkreduce number of buffers used by default
2010-02-03 Rob Clarkadd support for uncached buffers
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