2010-10-27 Jan Schmidtmultiqueue: Fix tracking of unlinked streams. master
2010-10-27 Jan Schmidttests: Add a multiqueue sparse streams test
2010-10-27 Jan SchmidtAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-10-22 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2010-10-22 Tim-Philipp... bytereader: const-ify byte reader argument in peek...
2010-10-22 Edward Herveyelementfactory: Fix 64bit constant
2010-10-20 Mark Nauwelaertsbasesink: recompute correct running time for buffer...
2010-10-16 Tim-Philipp... docs: fix misc. gtk-doc warnings in libs
2010-10-16 Tim-Philipp... Revert "libs/gst/dataqueue: Document gst_data_queue_new...
2010-10-16 Tim-Philipp... docs: flesh out release instructions a bit more
2010-10-16 Tim-Philipp... docs: add some gtk-doc Since: markers
2010-10-15 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2010-10-15 Tim-Philipp... po: update translations
2010-10-15 Mark Nauwelaertsgst-inspect: useful factory names for uri-handlers...
2010-10-14 David SchleefAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-10-13 Thiago Santosdatetime: Use seconds as double
2010-10-13 Thiago Santosgstdatetime: Move doc outside the ifdefs
2010-10-13 Thiago Santosdatetime: Use GDateTime if available
2010-10-13 Thiago Santosglib-private: Add include protection macro
2010-10-13 Tim-Philipp... buffer: add guard to buffer_set_caps() that checks...
2010-10-13 Stefan Kostsystemclock: add a missing G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS
2010-10-13 Edward Herveylibs/gst/dataqueue: Document gst_data_queue_new_full
2010-10-13 Edward Herveybase/gstdataqueue: inline some functions, get levels...
2010-10-13 Edward Herveyqueue2: Remove unused argument from find_range()
2010-10-13 Edward Herveyfdsink: cleanup get_property/set_property
2010-10-12 Wim Taymansqueue: avoid g_cond_signal when we can
2010-10-11 Tim-Philipp... miniobject: avoid duplicate type check when freeing...
2010-10-11 Edward Herveyminiobject: Directly increate mini_object in mini_objec...
2010-10-11 Edward Herveyminiobject: Remove confusing DEBUG_REFCOUNT define
2010-10-11 Wim Taymansqueue2: release queue2 lock before notify
2010-10-11 Wim Taymansqueue: add debug statement
2010-10-11 Ognyan Tonchevqueue: apply sink segment on the source if queue is...
2010-10-11 Wim Taymansbin: fix documentation for iterate_sources
2010-10-11 Stefan Kostdocs: use the gtk-doc shortcuts to get coloured and...
2010-10-11 Sebastian Drögebin: Initialize variable
2010-10-11 Wim Taymansbin: Improve tracking of source elements
2010-10-11 Wim Taymansbasesrc: tag as a SOURCE element
2010-10-11 Wim Taymanselement: add IS_SOURCE flag
2010-10-10 Vincent Penquerc'hregistry: g_mapped_file_unref exists already since...
2010-10-10 Sebastian Drögebasetransform: Report the output position on POSITION...
2010-10-08 David SchleefAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-10-08 Edward Herveymultiqueue: Remove unused variable and simplify code
2010-10-08 Sebastian DrögeAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-10-08 Sebastian Drögebytewriter: Add missing file
2010-10-08 Sebastian Drögebytewriter: Add unchecked variants of the writing functions
2010-10-08 Tim-Philipp... controller, dataprotocol: make public enum _get_type...
2010-10-08 Tim-Philipp... dataprotocol, lfocontrolsource: fix enum value name...
2010-10-08 Sebastian Drögebytewriter: Fix possible infinite loop caused by an...
2010-10-07 Tim-Philipp... elements: minor performance improvement when doing...
2010-10-07 Tim-Philipp... fakesink: use g_object_notify_by_pspec() and remove...
2010-10-07 Tim-Philipp... tee: use g_object_notify_by_pspec() if possible
2010-10-07 Tim-Philipp... fakesrc: use g_object_notify_by_pspec() if possible
2010-10-07 Tim-Philipp... identity: use g_object_notify_by_pspec() and remove...
2010-10-07 Tim-Philipp... pads: use new g_object_notify_by_pspec() for caps notif...
2010-10-07 Tim-Philipp... clock: remove unnecessary g_object_notify() call
2010-10-07 Wim Taymansdocs: update qos design doc
2010-10-05 Tim-Philipp... Add gobject-introspection temp directories to CRUFT_DIRS
2010-10-05 Tim-Philipp... lfocontrolsource: use math-compat.h for M_PI
2010-10-05 Tim-Philipp... gstinfo: remove random MSVC compatibility define for...
2010-10-05 Tim-Philipp... gst: add math-compat.h header
2010-10-05 Thijs Vermeirtools: fix parsing of timestamp in gst-plot-timeline
2010-10-05 Stefan Kostbasesink: don't take preroll-lock in get_property
2010-10-05 Stefan Kostbasesink: add a fixme for 0.11
2010-10-04 Wim Taymansbasesink: format negative values better
2010-10-03 Sebastian Drögebitreader: Fix uninitialized variable compiler warnings
2010-10-03 Sebastian Drögebytewriter: Add inline variants of all important functions
2010-10-03 Sebastian Drögebitreader: Add inlined and unchecked versions of the...
2010-10-03 Sebastian Drögebytewriter: Add guards to the inlined get_pos/get_remai...
2010-10-03 Sebastian Drögebitreader: Optimize peek_bits/get_bits a bit
2010-09-27 Thiago Santosgstdatetime: Fix string serialization
2010-09-24 Wim Taymansbasesink: improve adjust_time()
2010-09-24 Havard Graffbasesink: renderdelay needs to be subtracted in adjust_...
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp... win32: define GST_PACKAGE_RELEASE_DATETIME in win32...
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp... po: update for new strings
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp... gst-inspect: print GST_PARAM_MUTABLE_* property flags
2010-09-23 Havard Graffbasetransform: Make a WARNING into a DEBUG statement
2010-09-23 Trond Andersenclock: fix racy shutdown clock id leak
2010-09-23 Wim Taymansbasetransform: avoid useless memcpy
2010-09-23 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix 'make check' build for setups where no c...
2010-09-23 Thiago Santostag: Adds GST_TAG_GEO_LOCATION_HORIZONTAL_ERROR
2010-09-23 Stefan KostRevert "pad: use a nested lock to avoid reffing the...
2010-09-23 Stefan Kostqueue2: remove var only used for debug statement
2010-09-22 Stefan Kostpad: use a nested lock to avoid reffing the peer
2010-09-22 Stefan Kosttests: rebuild one test using cpp
2010-09-21 Edward HerveyAutomatic update of common submodule
2010-09-19 Edward Herveytests: Handle new assertion in gst_adapter_masked_scan_...
2010-09-19 David Schleefadapter: Add check for pattern bits not in mask
2010-09-17 Sebastian Drögegst-launch: Use g_file_test() instead of access() which...
2010-09-17 Wim Taymansbufferlist: add function to add a list of buffers
2010-09-17 Wim Taymansadapter: add function to get a list of buffers
2010-09-17 Wim Taymansadapter: reuse more data in _peek()
2010-09-17 Wim Taymansadapter: optimize _take() a little more
2010-09-17 Wim Taymansadapter: refactor adapter take
2010-09-17 Wim Taymansadapter: add support for 0 sized buffers
2010-09-17 Edward Herveypwg: Make a sentence clearer.
2010-09-16 Tim-Philipp... elementfactory: make sure gstreamer has been initialize...
2010-09-16 Tim-Philipp... query: minor gst_query_add_buffering_range() code reflow
2010-09-16 Tim-Philipp... query: gst_query_add_buffering_range() optimisations
2010-09-16 Tim-Philipp... structure: micro-optimisation for some setter functions
2010-09-16 Tim-Philipp... structure: add gst_structure_{id_}take_value()