last changeMon, 31 Aug 2009 13:59:01 +0000 (16:59 +0300)
2009-08-31 Zeeshan Ali... Announcement for release 0.8 master gupnp-tools-0.8
2009-08-21 Zeeshan Ali... Add cmdline option to specify network interface
2009-08-21 Zeeshan Ali... Port the code to new gupnp and gupnp-av APIs
2009-08-06 Zeeshan Ali... Adapt to changes in GUPnPDIDLLiteParser API
2009-08-03 Zeeshan Ali... API update: DIDLLite object API got GObject'ified
2009-07-31 Zeeshan Ali... API update: Some props of resource are now optional
2009-07-31 Zeeshan Ali... API update: GUPnPDIDLLiteResource is now a GObject
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... No need to care about hosting of desc doc anymore more-ease
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Cast the signal handlers to make compiler happy
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Signal handlers as passed gpointer not 'gpointer *'
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Use new api to leave CP management to gupnp
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Fix infinite loop in icon cancelation code
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Keep ref to DeviceInfo in IconData
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Keep CPs & contexts in GList rather than GHashTable
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Correct context equality check for av-cp as well
2009-07-27 Zeeshan Ali... Use G_CALLBACK to setisfy the compiler
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