2011-06-03 Jens GeorgRevert "Send notify for all lower versions as well" master
2011-06-03 Jens GeorgReply for M-SEARCH on versions <= our version
2011-06-03 Jens GeorgKeep resource version of target around
2011-06-03 Jens GeorgMake USN and ST match on M-SEARCH
2011-06-03 Jens GeorgFix all warnings from g-ir-scanner
2011-06-03 Jens GeorgUpdate gobject-introspection automake integration
2011-06-03 Zeeshan Ali... Bump minor and LT versions
2011-06-03 Jens GeorgDon't use anonymous structs
2011-06-03 Jens GeorgMake gssdp-client implement GInitable
2011-06-03 Zeeshan Ali... Only reply if a valid MX header is present
2011-05-27 Jens GeorgDon't send interleaved byebye/alive on startup
2011-05-27 Jens GeorgImplement add_resource_simple using add_resource
2011-05-04 Sven NeumannFix crash on target without a colon
2011-04-26 Zeeshan Ali... Remove a redundant variable
2011-04-17 Alberto MardeganBetter usage of g_set_error*
2011-04-17 Alberto MardeganMemory leak: always call g_propagate_error
2011-04-17 Alberto MardeganReport failure even if no GError is given
2011-04-17 Alberto MardeganAvoid accessing members of a destroyed GError
2011-04-05 Jens GeorgRelease 0.10.0 gssdp-0.10.0
2011-03-24 Jens GeorgFix network calculation for IPv6
2011-03-09 Zeeshan Ali... Send notify for all lower versions as well
2011-03-08 Zeeshan Ali... Refactor a function
2011-02-03 Zeeshan Ali... Send alive message at least 3 times before expiry
2011-02-02 Luis de BethencourtClear the ChangeLog file
2011-01-28 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.9.2 gssdp-0.9.2
2011-01-28 Jens GeorgPort network lookup code to Windows
2011-01-26 Zeeshan Ali... Add 'network' property to GSSDPClient
2011-01-18 Jens GeorgStreamline resource cleaning in socket_source_cb
2010-12-22 Zeeshan Ali... Require libsoup >= 2.26.1
2010-12-16 Sven NeumannFix issue introduced with commit 20dce239
2010-12-01 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.9.1 gssdp-0.9.1
2010-11-22 Sven NeumannFix potential crash in resource-unavailable()
2010-11-18 Sven NeumannFix potential crash in resource_expire()
2010-11-12 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.9.0 gssdp-0.9.0
2010-11-12 Zeeshan Ali... Don't include private header in a public header
2010-10-10 Jens GeorgDon't print the whole packet on failure to send it
2010-10-10 Jens GeorgWork-around some issues with gio on windows
2010-10-10 Jens GeorgPort host IP address detection code to windows
2010-10-10 Jens GeorgMake it compile on mingw
2010-10-10 Jens GeorgMake GSSDPSocketSource a GObject
2010-10-10 Zeeshan Ali... Micro coding-style fix
2010-10-10 Jens GeorgPort GSSDP to GIO/GSocket
2010-09-20 Ross BurtonPass all libs when building the tests, to please gold...
2010-09-16 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.8.0 gssdp-0.8.0
2010-09-14 Jens GeorgProperly catch errors in recvfrom
2010-09-10 Jens GeorgFix typo in socket-source
2010-08-24 Zeeshan Ali... Don't use deprecated libsoup API
2010-07-06 Sven NeumannFlag string arg of GSSDPClient signal as static
2010-06-22 Sven NeumannChain up in dispose() and finalize().
2010-04-21 Ross BurtonFix typo (thanks
2010-04-09 Zeeshan Ali... Release 0.7.2 gssdp-0.7.2
2010-04-09 Zeeshan Ali... Use complete paths of sources in GIR build rule
2010-04-07 Zeeshan Ali... Hide internal API from introspection scanner
2010-04-03 Zeeshan Ali... Add gobject-introspection check macro
2010-03-18 Jens GeorgAdd ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS so that autoreconf will obey ACLOCA...
2010-03-18 Neil Obey the ACLOCAL_FLAGS environment variable
2010-01-25 Zeeshan Ali... If target is not a URN, no need to deal with version
2010-01-25 Zeeshan Ali... Version in target must be at the end of the string
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonUse silent rules
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonUpdate ignores
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonBuild introspection data
2010-01-21 Ross BurtonCheck for gobject-introspection
2009-12-04 Zeeshan Ali... Prepare release 0.7.1 gssdp-0.7.1
2009-12-02 Olivier CrêteHave specific GError code for interfaces without an...
2009-12-02 Ross BurtonIf we can't create a request socket don't try to create...
2009-12-02 Mattias WadmanUse SO_REUSEPORT if present
2009-11-25 iainMake GSSDPClient ignore Point to Point interfaces so...
2009-09-09 Olivier CrêteDon't leak target regex gssdp-0.7
2009-09-06 Ross BurtonRemove gssdp_client_new_full (#1796)
2009-08-28 Zeeshan Ali... Release announcement for release 0.7
2009-08-28 Zeeshan Ali... Revert "Print interface and IP client gets bound to"
2009-08-27 Zeeshan Ali... Discard packets from different network
2009-07-29 Zeeshan Ali... Add a getter for GSSDPClient:active
2009-07-21 Zeeshan Ali... Update copyrights in docs
2009-07-21 Zeeshan Ali... Update docs
2009-07-21 Zeeshan Ali... Prefer non-loopback IPv4 interfaces
2009-07-21 Zeeshan Ali... Print interface and IP client gets bound to
2009-07-20 Zeeshan Ali... No need to find the default route
2009-07-20 Zeeshan Ali... Client now binds to interface rather than IP
2009-07-20 Zeeshan Ali... Correct behavior/docs for get_host_ip()
2009-07-17 Zeeshan Ali... Version-independent M-SEARCH response
2009-07-17 Zeeshan Ali... Version-independent target match
2009-07-17 Zeeshan Ali... Put target compatibility in a separate function
2009-07-17 Zeeshan Ali... Add "active" property to GSSDPClient
2009-07-06 Jens GeorgPort gssdp-device-sniffer to GtkBuilder
2009-07-03 Zeeshan Ali... get_default_host_ip() is not supposed to return NULL
2009-07-02 Zeeshan Ali... Minor indentation fix
2009-06-26 Ross BurtonBump library version
2009-06-26 Ross BurtonVersion bump to 0.7 as we have new APIs
2009-06-26 Ross BurtonAdd documentation about LTVERSION
2009-06-26 Ross BurtonAdd basic .gitignore
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Update copyrights according to the latest changes.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Bind request socket to host_ip.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Address the socket is bound to is determined by the...
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Attach the sockets main_context to after they are created.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... No need to initialize private struct fields to NULL.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Initialize the server id in _init.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Enable multicast loopback.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Join the multicast group on the specified interface.
2009-06-24 Zeeshan Ali... Set error later.