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2013-01-24 Alexander DrozdovRecent documents support is added master
2013-01-24 Alexander DrozdovSupport im-memory compile and document related resource...
2013-01-23 Alexander DrozdovLoad and store font name and base size to config file.
2012-03-20 Alexander DrozdovFixed tab switchind
2012-03-13 Alexander DrozdovRemove unneeded fields in HighlightingRule
2012-03-13 Alexander DrozdovMore clean char format merge
2012-03-13 Alexander DrozdovStore last open directory during session
2012-03-13 Alexander DrozdovHotkey for focus active document: Ctrl+Space
2012-03-13 Alexander DrozdovHotkey for file Open/New operation: Ctrl+O
2012-03-13 Alexander DrozdovAsciiDoc Highlighte improuvments
2012-03-13 Alexander DrozdovAutoindent implemented
2012-03-12 Alexander DrozdovA lot of major improuvments:
2012-01-13 Alexander Drozdovinitial version based on original 'qadoc' application
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