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2012-09-21 Paul BazinConforming to standards. master
2012-08-15 Sylvain LapercheUpdate comments, fix small bugs.
2012-08-14 Sylvain LapercheFix a bug in A* (still some remains, but it is really...
2012-08-13 Sylvain Lapercheengine/Gtk[2,3]: Position of the mouse pointer in the...
2012-08-13 Sylvain LapercheFix bug in for pathfinding (but still buggy ^^').
2012-08-13 Sylvain LapercheFix warning in Qt wrapper.
2012-08-13 Sylvain LapercheReimplementation of A*
2012-08-13 Sylvain LapercheAdd assertions to check some preconditions.
2012-08-13 Sylvain LapercheComments update and typo fix in code.
2012-08-13 Sylvain LapercheThe element removed should exist.
2012-08-13 Sylvain LapercheRemove the assertion (it can happen when we display...
2012-08-13 Sylvain Lapercheengine/Qt: Position of the mouse pointer in the windows.
2012-07-14 Sylvain LapercheAdd set_icon method to Application class.
2012-07-09 gabriel.pettierfix a little pathfinding use
2012-07-09 gabriel.pettieruses checkpoints for builder, still buggy
2012-07-09 gabriel.pettierfix style issues
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