last changeMon, 14 Nov 2011 22:24:02 +0000 (23:24 +0100)
2011-11-14 François Koomanupdates to authorizenew, exception handling master
2011-11-14 François Koomansome attempt at a newer Authorize class
2011-11-14 François Koomanadd a simple oauth for bearer token
2011-11-12 François Koomancleanup oauth.js somewhat, consider expiry
2011-11-12 François Koomanuse random string for nonce, implement state parameter
2011-11-12 François Koomanuse sessionStorage for storing accessTokens
2011-11-11 François Koomancleanup somewhat
2011-11-11 François KoomanMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-11-11 François Koomanadd some helper js libs
2011-11-11 François Koomanfix the javascript token test with mac authentication
2011-11-11 François Koomannew token html file and separate oauth script
2011-11-11 François Koomanattempt at js scripting
2011-11-10 François Koomanmove README
2011-11-10 François Koomanmake it possible to retrieve token by server
2011-11-09 François Koomanfirst actual working examples, yeah!
2011-11-09 François Koomanexpose more functionality in MacAccessToken, start...
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