2010-12-14 Martin TùmaAdded status bar with full file path and graph zoom
2010-12-05 Martin TùmaAdded adding of suffixes to saved files.
2010-11-27 Martin TùmaSmall fixes/improvements for version 0.2 0.2
2010-11-24 Martin TùmaAdded program icon for Mac OS X build.
2010-11-19 Martin TùmaRewriten list input provider
2010-11-17 Martin TùmaFixed remaining wrong paths.
2010-11-17 Martin TùmaAdded input provider for graphs represented as edge...
2010-11-07 Martin TùmaFixed sources path
2010-10-24 Martin TùmaRenamed common to CORE.
2010-09-19 Martin TùmaExplicitly added ./ to INCLUDEPATH to compile on window...
2010-09-18 Martin TùmaAdded NSIS installer script and licence file.
2010-09-12 Martin TùmaUpdated project homepage
2010-09-12 Martin TùmaInitial commit