Added workaround for broken ifstream::putback() on MSVC
[hypercube:hypercube.git] / IO / providers / list.cpp
2013-01-09 Martin TůmaAdded workaround for broken ifstream::putback() on...
2012-05-06 Martin TůmaEdge values are now optional in list format
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaSwitched back to separate error stream for providers...
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaSwitched from a separate IO provider error stream to...
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaFixed DOT parser
2012-05-03 Martin TůmaAdded missing vertex clearing on parse end
2012-05-03 Martin TůmaAdded support for GML files
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaRedesigned error info handling
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaAdded support for "quoted string IDs
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaAdded DOT input file provider
2012-04-18 Martin TůmaFixed parameter passing
2012-04-18 Martin TůmaCleaned up historically given weird code
2012-02-19 Martin TůmaUnified the GraphView interface with the Graph interface
2012-02-13 Martin TůmaGraph API & internal structures redesign
2011-11-25 Martin TůmaRemoved obsolete doxygen documentation
2011-08-27 Martin TùmaAdded support for various input file encodings