Added support for GraphML input format
[hypercube:hypercube.git] / IO / io.cpp
2012-12-21 Martin TůmaAdded support for GraphML input format
2012-05-11 Martin TůmaCode cleanup
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaSwitched back to separate error stream for providers...
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaAdded proper output string escaping
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaSwitched from a separate IO provider error stream to...
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaAdded DOT input file provider
2012-04-14 Martin TůmaFixed and cleaned up edge value position computation
2012-04-14 Martin TůmaFixed edge text position computation
2012-04-13 Martin TůmaImproved edge value positioning
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaFixed VS2010 warnings
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaAdded support for directed graphs
2011-08-27 Martin TùmaAdded support for various input file encodings
2010-11-17 Martin TùmaFixed remaining wrong paths.
2010-09-12 Martin TùmaInitial commit