Added support for GraphML input format
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2012-12-21 Martin TůmaAdded support for GraphML input format
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaDisabled stupid "possible unsafe" warnings in MSVC
2012-05-03 Martin TůmaAdded support for GML files
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaAdded DOT input file provider
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaAdded support for directed graphs
2012-03-04 Martin TůmaFixed graph memory leaks
2012-02-21 Martin TůmaMoved all remaining Color code to the header
2012-02-14 Martin TůmaReorganized ps provider structure
2012-02-13 Martin TůmaGraph API & internal structures redesign
2011-11-23 Martin TůmaAdded remaining missing headers to the project file
2011-11-22 Martin TůmaAdded missing headers to project files
2011-11-14 Martin TůmaSwitched from NULL pointers to C++'s 0
2011-10-29 Martin TùmaAdded KOI8-R encoding support
2011-08-27 Martin TùmaAdded support for various input file encodings
2011-05-18 Martin TùmaExtended list input provider to support string vertex...
2010-11-17 Martin TùmaFixed remaining wrong paths.
2010-09-19 Martin TùmaExplicitly added ./ to INCLUDEPATH to compile on window...
2010-09-12 Martin TùmaInitial commit