2012-12-21 Martin TůmaAdded support for GraphML input format
2012-11-10 Martin TůmaVersion 1.0.4 1.0.4
2012-11-06 Martin TůmaFixed QToolBox rendering issue with KDE's Oxygen theme.
2012-11-04 Martin TùmaAdded man page
2012-09-09 Martin TůmaVersion 1.0.3 1.0.3
2012-07-29 Martin TůmaFixed GUI issues with localizations
2012-07-29 Martin TůmaMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:hypercube/hypercube
2012-07-14 Martin TùmaCode cleanup
2012-05-11 Martin TůmaVersion 1.0.2 1.0.2
2012-05-11 Martin TůmaIncluded MSVC runtime in the windows installer
2012-05-11 Martin TůmaCode cleanup
2012-05-11 Martin TůmaImproved vertex macro
2012-05-10 Martin TůmaOutputProvider encapsulation cleanup
2012-05-10 Martin TůmaFixed DOT parser
2012-05-06 Martin TůmaVersion 1.0.1 1.0.1
2012-05-06 Martin TůmaEdge values are now optional in list format
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaUpdated the program version to 1.0.0
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaVersion 1.0.0 1.0.0
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaDisabled stupid "possible unsafe" warnings in MSVC
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaSwitched back to separate error stream for providers...
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaAdded proper output string escaping
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaRemoved MSVC 2010 warnings
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaSwitched from a separate IO provider error stream to...
2012-05-05 Martin TůmaFixed DOT parser
2012-05-04 Martin TůmaAdded support for opening files given on command line...
2012-05-03 Martin TůmaAdded missing vertex clearing on parse end
2012-05-03 Martin TůmaAdded support for GML files
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaRedesigned error info handling
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaAdded support for "quoted string IDs
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaImproved output error reporting
2012-04-29 Martin TůmaAdded DOT input file provider
2012-04-18 Martin TůmaFixed parameter passing
2012-04-18 Martin TůmaCleaned up historically given weird code
2012-04-14 Martin TůmaCode cleanup
2012-04-14 Martin TůmaImproved bidirectional edges vizualization
2012-04-14 Martin TůmaFixed and cleaned up edge value position computation
2012-04-14 Martin TůmaFixed edge text position computation
2012-04-14 Martin TůmaFixed margin computation
2012-04-13 Martin TůmaFixed vertex id margin computation
2012-04-13 Martin TůmaImproved edge value positioning
2012-04-12 Martin TůmaFixed gcc 4.7 warnings
2012-04-10 Martin TùmaCode cleanup
2012-04-10 Martin TùmaRemoved unused non-virtual destructors causing warnings
2012-04-10 Martin TùmaCode cleanup
2012-03-26 Martin TůmaUpdated test/sample graph set
2012-03-26 Martin TůmaCode cleanup
2012-03-25 Martin TůmaFixed encoding argument retrieving
2012-03-24 Martin TůmaAdded checkbox for CLI argument shell-specials escaping
2012-03-24 Martin TůmaCode cleanup
2012-03-24 Martin TůmaAdded CLI arguments info
2012-03-23 Martin Tůmacode cleanup
2012-03-21 Martin TůmaReplaced magic constants with apropriate defines
2012-03-21 Martin TůmaAdded missing const modifier
2012-03-18 Martin TůmaAdded version display option to CLI 0.9.0
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaAdded directed graph support to matrix input provider
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaRefactored some weird code
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaSwitched to "user type" of install
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaFixed VS2010 warnings
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaAdded support for directed graphs
2012-03-04 Martin TůmaFixed graph memory leaks
2012-02-21 Martin TůmaMoved all remaining Color code to the header
2012-02-21 Martin TůmaMoved all Color code to the header
2012-02-20 Martin TůmaFixed GraphView clearing
2012-02-19 Martin TůmaUnified the GraphView interface with the Graph interface
2012-02-14 Martin TůmaReorganized ps provider structure
2012-02-14 Martin TůmaAdded missing include (broken build on MSVC)
2012-02-13 Martin TůmaGraph API & internal structures redesign
2012-01-05 Martin TůmaFixed VS2010 compiler warnings
2012-01-04 Martin TůmaCode cleanup (removed C code)
2011-12-23 Martin TůmaFixed use of uninitialized configuration variables
2011-12-14 Martin TůmaFixed toolbox width issue
2011-12-07 Martin TůmaFixed font definition for not included files 0.8.2
2011-11-25 Martin TůmaRemoved obsolete doxygen documentation
2011-11-23 Martin TůmaAdded remaining missing headers to the project file
2011-11-22 Martin TůmaAdded missing headers to project files
2011-11-17 Martin TůmaUpdated czech translation
2011-11-17 Martin TůmaVersion 0.8.1 0.8.1
2011-11-17 Martin TůmaFixed encoding combo box value handling
2011-11-16 Martin TůmaFixed prolog DSC
2011-11-15 Martin TůmaVersion 0.8 0.8
2011-11-15 Martin TůmaImproved DSC resources handling
2011-11-15 Martin TůmaImproved resources handling (DSC)
2011-11-14 Martin TůmaReplaced remaining NULL pointers with 0s
2011-11-14 Martin TůmaSwitched from NULL pointers to C++'s 0
2011-11-14 Martin TůmaAdded support for latin2 and cyrilic to the PS output...
2011-10-29 Martin TùmaAdded KOI8-R encoding support
2011-08-28 Martin TùmaDisabled antialiasing for the bounding box
2011-08-28 Martin TùmaAdded missing strings example graph
2011-08-27 Martin TùmaAdded support for various input file encodings
2011-07-12 Martin TùmaAdded creator (with home page) info to output files...
2011-06-12 Martin TùmaAdded missing font (font-face) definition
2011-05-28 Martin Tùmaversion 0.7 0.7
2011-05-27 Martin TùmaRemoved duplicit register key remove entry
2011-05-19 Martin TùmaFixed EOL type
2011-05-18 Martin TùmaExtended list input provider to support string vertex...
2011-04-25 Martin TùmaAdded main window title
2011-04-24 Martin TùmaVersion 0.6 0.6
2011-04-24 Martin TùmaFixed include guard name to comply with filename
2011-04-24 Martin TùmaUpdated translation file after latest GUI updates
2011-04-24 Martin TùmaAdded Start menu entries creation