QT5 compatability fix
[hypercube:hypercube.git] / GUI / graphtab.h
2013-03-02 Martin TùmaQT5 compatability fix
2012-03-26 Martin TůmaCode cleanup
2012-03-17 Martin TůmaAdded support for directed graphs
2011-08-27 Martin TùmaAdded support for various input file encodings
2011-04-24 Martin TùmaRedesigned projections handling
2011-02-23 Martin TùmaAdded support for colored edged to GUI
2011-01-08 Martin TùmaRemved GUI specific configuration from CORE/config.h
2010-12-14 Martin TùmaAdded status bar with full file path and graph zoom
2010-11-17 Martin TùmaFixed remaining wrong paths.
2010-09-12 Martin TùmaInitial commit