Graph API & internal structures redesign
[hypercube:hypercube.git] / CORE / graph.cpp
2012-02-13 Martin TůmaGraph API & internal structures redesign
2012-01-05 Martin TůmaFixed VS2010 compiler warnings
2011-11-25 Martin TůmaRemoved obsolete doxygen documentation
2011-11-23 Martin TůmaAdded remaining missing headers to the project file
2011-11-14 Martin TůmaSwitched from NULL pointers to C++'s 0
2011-04-24 Martin TùmaRedesigned projections handling
2011-03-26 Martin TùmaChanged forgotten magic number to the corresponding...
2011-03-26 Martin TùmaTransformed HSV magic numbers to constants
2011-03-24 Martin TùmaFixed project/bind logic to use vertex id's (text)...
2011-02-23 Martin TùmaAdded color map clearing to graph clearing
2011-02-23 Martin TùmaFixed compiler warnings
2011-02-23 Martin TùmaAdded support for colored edged to GUI
2010-10-24 Martin TùmaRenamed common to CORE.