last changeTue, 21 Aug 2012 23:22:54 +0000 (03:22 +0400)
2012-08-21 Alexander TarasikovFix stride for omap4 PVR framebuffer master
2012-08-21 Alexander TarasikovUse BGRA for omap4
2012-08-21 Alexander TarasikovAdd a function to reset framebuffer settings on init
2012-06-12 Jean-Baptiste... am 1fbbb08d: Merge "remove seemed useless gralloc_open...
2012-06-12 Jean-Baptiste... Merge "remove seemed useless gralloc_open() call in...
2012-06-11 The Android... Reconcile with jb-release
2012-06-08 Glenn KastenAdd screen state parameter
2012-06-08 Glenn KastenAdd screen state parameter
2012-06-04 Eric Laurentaudio HAL: add definitions for capabilities query
2012-05-14 Mathias Agopiansplit hwcomposer.h
2012-05-04 Colin Crossremove triggering suspend from power hal
2012-05-03 Todd Poynorhardware: Power HAL: Add POWER_HINT_INTERACTION
2012-04-30 Jamie Gennishwcomposer: clarify vsync timestamp meaning
2012-04-27 Mathias Agopianadd version number to power HAL
2012-04-26 Todd Poynorhardware: libhardware: Power HAL add power hints -...
2012-04-24 Mike LockwoodMerge "Update USB audio HAL to use API"
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