last changeSat, 3 Mar 2012 17:23:28 +0000 (10:23 -0700)
2012-03-03 rjensenSilly little change to the INSTALL file. master
2012-02-27 rjensenNew CHT face. Anim range still needs some work.
2012-02-24 rjensenMaster caution tied to oil pressure plus model cleanups.
2012-02-24 rjensenMove the empty CG forward so we don't tip over with...
2012-02-24 rjensenMove the luggage back to where the POH says it should be.
2012-02-24 rjensenAdd the trailing struts.
2012-02-24 rjensenRemove references to the guides.
2012-02-24 rjensenImprove main gear modelling. Move guides out of the...
2012-02-23 rjensenCrude panel texture
2012-02-23 rjensenTire smoke/spray (not working for some reason). Match...
2012-02-23 rjensenImproved fuel gauge texture.
2012-02-23 rjensenShaders for the 3 engine gauges that are done.
2012-02-22 rjensenSVG converted files from RyanE.
2012-02-22 rjensen Try a shader effect on the oi-pressure gauge.
2012-02-22 rjensenNew fuel guage texture
2012-02-19 rjensenPlaying around with rotating the main gear instead...
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