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2009-06-26 Akintayo A... Adding the tar file master
2009-02-02 trinisoftinc... Removing the generated rpm from the mainstream
2009-02-02 trinisoftinc... Adding author to man page
2009-02-02 trinisoftinc... Creating the manpage and fixing some access rights... manpage
2009-01-30 trinisoftincImplemented help. Also put sudo in some places to avoid... help
2009-01-29 trinisoftincCreating rpm for jarminal
2009-01-20 trinisoftincMerge branch 'master' into inter
2009-01-20 trinisoftincNow, the read module is in python. Makes things a bit...
2009-01-19 trinisoftincHelp and normal and more reasonable exit
2009-01-19 trinisoftincNow we can declare blocks of code and classes without...
2009-01-16 trinisoftincTODOfu
2009-01-16 trinisoftincRefactoring Still
2009-01-16 trinisoftincgitignore
2009-01-16 trinisoftincRefactoring
2009-01-16 trinisoftinciN the begining.
2009-01-13 trinisoftincTODOfu
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