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last changeSun, 26 Jul 2009 16:36:03 +0000 (19:36 +0300)
2009-07-26 ketmaradded "mouse gestures" (if stroker is loaded) master
2009-03-26 ketmarfixes for fuckin' new lj server names
2008-11-19 ketmareven more fixes (using globals instead of locals)
2008-11-19 ketmaradded supression for new upigs urls; removed some warnings
2008-09-29 ketmaradded small divider to make links look separate %-)
2008-09-29 ketmaraction changed to "a" for spatial navigation
2008-09-13 ketmarlittle bug removed; removed scripts from loaded content
2008-09-13 ketmarpreparing for BlackWidow integration %-)
2008-09-13 ketmarremoved "hider" at all (i'm not planning to make it...
2008-09-13 ketmarmade elments less intrusive
2008-09-04 ketmarusing external quoter; fixed many bugs in quoter %-)
2008-09-04 ketmarln->file
2008-09-04 ketmaruniversal quoter added
2008-08-09 ketmarremoving double hr after advertising removal
2008-07-29 ketmarsmall fix for "?&" urls
2008-07-22 ketmar"unfold all pages" seems to work now (it's UGLY!)
8 years ago master