last changeMon, 27 Dec 2010 16:25:41 +0000 (18:25 +0200)
2010-12-27 ketmaradded syntax for ByteCode/ByteArray literals master
2010-12-05 ketmarone can now turn off assert()s in *nix version
2010-12-05 ketmaradded very simple GC time reports
2010-12-05 ketmarbetter reports about failed primitive; X11 fixes (again)
2010-12-05 ketmarmore fixes to X11
2010-12-05 ketmarmore fixes to X11
2010-12-04 ketmarsmall fixes to X11
2010-12-04 ketmarfixes to X11 and small addition to Case
2010-12-04 ketmaradded List>>next: and List>>prev:
2010-12-04 ketmarX11: added ability to intercept WM close requests
2010-12-04 ketmarX11 sample rewritten; now it works again
2010-12-04 ketmarfixes to X11 primitives
2010-12-04 ketmaradded C API to run all finalizing process groups
2010-12-04 ketmarsome fixes in collections (Bag and Set)
2010-12-01 ketmarx11 primitives completely rewritten (but not x11 st...
2010-11-27 ketmarslang sample adapted to new FFI
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