2011-10-15 ketmarsome cosmetic fixes newtask
2010-12-27 ketmaradded syntax for ByteCode/ByteArray literals master
2010-12-05 ketmarone can now turn off assert()s in *nix version
2010-12-05 ketmaradded very simple GC time reports
2010-12-05 ketmarbetter reports about failed primitive; X11 fixes (again)
2010-12-05 ketmarmore fixes to X11
2010-12-05 ketmarmore fixes to X11
2010-12-04 ketmarsmall fixes to X11
2010-12-04 ketmarfixes to X11 and small addition to Case
2010-12-04 ketmaradded List>>next: and List>>prev:
2010-12-04 ketmarX11: added ability to intercept WM close requests
2010-12-04 ketmarX11 sample rewritten; now it works again
2010-12-04 ketmarfixes to X11 primitives
2010-12-04 ketmaradded C API to run all finalizing process groups
2010-12-04 ketmarsome fixes in collections (Bag and Set)
2010-12-01 ketmarx11 primitives completely rewritten (but not x11 st...
2010-11-27 ketmarslang sample adapted to new FFI
2010-11-27 ketmarnew FFI
2010-11-27 ketmarfixed math for SmallInts (coercion to Integers)
2010-11-27 ketmarremoved forgotten debug message
2010-11-27 ketmarfixed hash function for arrays
2010-11-27 ketmarfixed bug in SmallInt math primitives
2010-11-27 ketmarsymbols now hashed with FNV, like strings
2010-11-27 ketmarfixed Char>>xxxCase; added FNVHash primitive
2010-11-26 ketmarmethod #clear renamed to #removeAll
2010-11-26 ketmaradded Number>>log2
2010-11-26 ketmaradded another weaktest
2010-11-26 ketmarweaks will anchor Numbers; added (untested) scheme...
2010-11-26 ketmarfinalizing and mourning made a little faster
2010-11-26 ketmaradded GST-style weak objects
2010-11-26 ketmaradded two forgotten files
2010-11-26 ketmar'primes' sample changes
2010-11-24 ketmarsome fixes in X11
2010-11-24 ketmarshould be buildable with 0build.sh again
2010-11-24 ketmaradded some notes
2010-11-24 ketmaradded some samples for st-finalizers
2010-11-24 ketmarfixed bug in st-finalization; note that finalization...
2010-11-24 ketmaradded 'st-finalizing' objects (their 'finalize' method...
2010-11-24 ketmaradded separate field for object flags
2010-11-24 ketmaradded Array>>atAllPut:
2010-11-24 ketmarremoved debug output in rand
2010-11-24 ketmarfixed (hacked) floating division operation
2010-11-24 ketmarnew API function
2010-11-24 ketmarremoved debug output in GST parser
2010-11-24 ketmarfixed bug in GST string parsing (invalid processing...
2010-11-24 ketmarfixed bug in to:by:do (negative steps)
2010-11-24 ketmarGST parser now better parses method categories
2010-11-24 ketmarin:var:put: now a little faster
2010-11-23 ketmaradded simple 'button'
2010-11-23 ketmarmore methods for X11
2010-11-23 ketmaradded initial Xft support to X11 primitive
2010-11-23 ketmareven better X11 sample
2010-11-23 ketmarX11: better sample
2010-11-23 ketmaradvanced X11 sample
2010-11-23 ketmarmore X11 primitives
2010-11-23 ketmaradded base X11 wrapper
2010-11-23 ketmarperform can execute methods
2010-11-23 ketmarsome primitives now using lstGetStringPtr()
2010-11-23 ketmarstrings and byte arrays now REALLY ends with zero byte
2010-11-23 ketmarstrings and byte arrays now terminated with hidden...
2010-11-23 ketmarfix to Random>>next: 1.0 should not be included in...
2010-11-23 ketmarneed-to-fix-later: Random>>^new: can take floating...
2010-11-23 ketmaradded some samples
2010-11-23 ketmaradded trunc, round, ceil, floor and new method to Random
2010-11-23 ketmaradded Random with one method
2010-11-23 ketmarnow GST parser really understands categories
2010-11-23 ketmarfixed bug in image compiler; GST parser now understands...
2010-11-21 ketmaradded comment about ifNil:
2010-11-21 ketmarcosmetics in image source; ifXXX methods now properly...
2010-11-21 ketmarremoved redunant message from image builder
2010-11-21 ketmarifNil and ifNotNil now works as 'nil-filter' both in...
2010-11-20 ketmara sligtly better code for creating new method
2010-11-20 ketmarcompiler now raises an error when it encounters assigni...
2010-11-20 ketmaradded compiler check for common error: unterminated...
2010-11-20 ketmarfixed bug in compiler (optimizeIfElse)
2010-11-20 ketmarcosmetics in disasm
2010-11-20 ketmarfixed stack size calculation in compiler
2010-11-20 ketmarfixed bug in disasm engine
2010-11-20 ketmarfixed accidentally broken OrderedArray>>add:
2010-11-20 ketmaradded some st-80 compatible methods to collections
2010-11-20 ketmara simple (mostly cosmetic) change in SmallInt>>atRandom
2010-11-20 ketmaradded Collection>>inject:into:
2010-11-20 ketmaradded Bag, Set and IdentitySet collections
2010-11-20 ketmaradded stupid comment to new disasm engine
2010-11-20 ketmarfixes in new disassembler; it seems to work ok
2010-11-20 ketmarnew disassembler
2010-11-20 ketmarstring parser fixed (hex escapes)
2010-11-20 ketmarmore method renames; i hope i didn't break anything
2010-11-20 ketmarParser renamed to Compiler
2010-11-20 ketmarfixed condition for image checker (show ANY bytecode...
2010-11-20 ketmarparser: fixed silly bug in case optimizer (will try...
2010-11-20 ketmara brand new compiler, which uses 'direct' lists instead...
2010-11-20 ketmarstricter arguments checking in some primitives to avoid...
2010-11-19 ketmaradded warnings to functions that can't be called from...
2010-11-19 ketmarGUI refinemets; added simple (and not fully working...
2010-11-19 ketmarfixes to UIP GUI
2010-11-19 ketmarsmall fix in compiler
2010-11-19 ketmarST IUP fixes
2010-11-19 ketmarIUP fixes
2010-11-19 ketmarfixed idiotic bug in block returns (return from just...