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2010-08-19 Samuel ScharrerShip a copy of Icey’s CSS Compressor
2010-08-15 Amilcar LucasBackported stuff from the live site
2010-08-11 Samuel Scharrerdon't track files which get modified/recreated on-the-fly
2010-08-11 Samuel Scharrerfix front-page "What is KDevelop" boxes for the new...
2010-08-11 Samuel Scharreradd soft background to the main content column
2010-08-11 Samuel Scharrerchange link hover style
2010-08-09 Samuel ScharrerMake navigation menu work with translations again
2010-06-01 Amilcar LucasAdded translations (lang directory)
2010-05-29 Samuel Scharrerrestructure left-navigation-menu content
2010-05-29 Samuel Scharrerlink-box content style tweaks
2010-05-17 Samuel Scharrerdeprecate "moduleentry" markup + provide new functions...
2010-05-16 Sam Sadjust margings of links boxes to the fluid column...
2010-05-16 Sam Simplement fluid column layout
2010-05-16 Sam Sput the whole page content in a container div (needed...
2010-05-14 Niko Samsreplace img with span for category icons
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