last changeFri, 31 Aug 2012 16:26:03 +0000 (18:26 +0200)
2012-08-31 Christophe... Fix build master
2012-06-26 Dan VrátilMention that git version of LibKGAPI is needed
2012-06-26 Dan VrátilForgot to rename one 'KGoogle'
2012-06-26 Dan VrátilFix a crash in Akonadi resource
2012-06-26 Dan VrátilAdd LibKGAPI plugin with Google Reader service and...
2012-06-26 Dan VrátilPort to LibKGAPI 0.4.1
2012-02-22 Dan VrátilStore timestamp of last collection sync as it's revision ID
2012-02-22 Dan VrátilInclude QVariant in Akonadi serializer to fix build...
2012-02-21 Dan VrátilPlace the Kontact plugin below the Akregator in Kontact...
2012-02-21 Dan VrátilEnable alternative row colors in items tree
2012-02-21 Dan VrátilFetch up to 200 items from each feed and add support...
2012-02-21 Dan VrátilAdd support for various more actions
2012-02-21 Dan VrátilFix application icon
2012-02-21 Dan VrátilStore settings when part is destroyed, not the main...
2012-02-20 Dan VrátilFix Kontact plugin
2012-02-20 Dan VrátilAdd project and developer's homepage
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