2011-02-14 Guillaume MartresImproved for the upcoming GUI, local testing... master
2011-02-07 Guillaume MartresReleasing version 0.2.0
2011-02-07 Guillaume MartresAdded a "shuffle" mode to play music in a random order...
2011-02-06 Guillaume MartresAdded detection of pls files
2011-02-05 Guillaume MartresReleasing version 0.1.2 v0.1.2
2011-02-05 Guillaume MartresFixed mp3 and m4a detection when using playall
2011-02-05 Guillaume MartresDrop unneeded arguments in the playlist default urls
2011-02-05 Guillaume MartresReleasing version 0.1.1 v0.1.1
2011-02-03 Guillaume MartresInitial commit v0.1.0