last changeSun, 4 Apr 2010 06:11:29 +0000 (23:11 -0700)
2010-04-04 Ryan Rix* Removing non-functioning setFocusPolicy... master
2010-04-04 Ryan Rix* Added better support for keys that have to be shifted...
2010-04-03 Ryan Rix* added a metropolis layout
2010-04-03 Ryan Rix* Improved handling of mod keys...
2010-04-02 Ryan RixGeneral Code cleanup
2010-04-02 Ryan Rix* Added GPLv2+ boilerplate to all my code
2010-04-02 Ryan Rix* Made window properly lacking focus by...
2010-04-02 Ryan Rix* added a utils class. Right now this only contains...
2010-04-01 Ryan Rix* Updated KAboutData copyright
2010-04-01 Ryan Rix* Cleaning up those ugly ass-positioning code after...
2010-03-31 Ryan Rix* moved to using KColorScheme for all the key drawing
2010-03-31 Ryan Rix* Slightly tweaked default qwerty layout
2010-03-31 Ryan Rix* Made the label a QString instead of QChar
2010-03-31 Ryan RixFix the rendering and remove some old commented code.
2010-03-30 Ryan Rix* Use a single constructor for all key types
2010-03-29 Ryan RixAdded more complete highlighting support
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