2009-12-05 Gregory HaynesFix removing newline causing line deletion version-1.0b4
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesREALLY keep open file dialog with title convention
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesKeep open file dialog with title convention
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesGive title to open local file dialog
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesUpdated appinfo URL
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesDont try to subscribe to open remote directories
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesRe-activate already opened inf documents on selection
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesActually perform cleanup on doc removal in DocumentMode...
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesTie DocumentItem's with infinote node id
2009-11-30 Gregory HaynesAdded doc to oenInfDocument
2009-11-25 Gregory HaynesAdded some Q_UNUSED's for cleaner building
2009-11-25 Gregory HaynesAdded handler for textChanged to document
2009-11-25 Gregory HaynesMade DocumentModel a singleton, allow textbuffer to...
2009-11-25 Gregory HaynesGive hostname focus on opening create connection dialog
2009-08-04 Gregory HaynesFixed spelling error in uisettingswidget
2009-07-18 Gregory HaynesConnected name changed from Document to DocumentTabWidget.
2009-07-17 Gregory HaynesOpen file dialog can open remote files.
2009-07-06 Gregory HaynesUser status updates change icons in Users list.
2009-07-06 Gregory HaynesSorted users list.
2009-07-06 Gregory HaynesDocumentUsersBrowser accepts 0 for setActiveDocument.
2009-07-06 Gregory HaynesFatal note error doesnt cause crash.
2009-07-05 Gregory HaynesJoining errors correctly displayed. Dont join sussion...
2009-07-04 Gregory HaynesUsersBrowser shows users joined to note.
2009-07-04 Gregory HaynesFixed connection error i18n arguments.
2009-07-04 Gregory HaynesAdded whatsThis message to some actions in MainWindow...
2009-07-04 greghaynesLocalization support for strings in DocumentModel and...
2009-07-03 greghaynesAdded remove proxy methods to DocumentModel, Document...
2009-07-03 greghaynesCleaned up some MainWindow includes.
2009-07-03 greghaynesDocument List uses KStandardAction::Close for action.
2009-07-03 Gregory HaynesAdded confirm dialog to document closing.
2009-07-03 Gregory HaynesAdded confirm dialog to Remote Browser
2009-07-03 Gregory HaynesUse KDE window placement/geometry saving.
2009-06-21 Gregory HaynesItems in LocalBrowserView opened on activation rather...
2009-06-21 Gregory HaynesValues set in Setup Dialog added to configuration.
2009-06-21 Gregory HaynesCanceling setup dialog exits program. Moved setup...
2009-06-21 Gregory HaynesSetup dialog forces username to be entered if none...
2009-06-12 Gregory HaynesCreated Setup Assistant.
2009-06-07 Børre GaupZeroconf support added.
2009-06-07 Børre GaupAdded KDE4_KDNSSD_LIBS to link with the zeroconf libraries
2009-06-03 Gregory HaynesCheck for empty inserts/removal.
2009-06-03 Gregory HaynesAdded noMerge="1" to file in kobbyui.rc, New * now...
2009-06-03 Gregory HaynesCapitalize Kobby in aboutdata.
2009-06-03 Gregory HaynesUpdated address and email for aboutdata.
2009-06-02 Gregory HaynesCollaborative documents assigned correct name.
2009-06-02 Gregory HaynesChanged ShowConnectionOnStart to false default setting...
2009-06-01 Gregory HaynesCreated proxy for remote browser which displays help.
2009-06-01 Gregory HaynesAdded UsersBrowser widget to UI
2009-06-01 Gregory HaynesAdded DocumentUsersBrowser to build.
2009-06-01 Gregory HaynesMore efficient undo/redo operations.
2009-05-31 Gregory HaynesEffficient undo/redo stealing.
2009-05-31 Gregory HaynesFilled out edit menu in ui file.
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesAdded stubs for collaborative undo/redo.
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesUndo/Redo action stolen from collaborative documents.
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesError message displayed on documentFatalError.
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesAdded documentation to DocumentModel.
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesWhen document fatal error occours, document removed...
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesDocuments given focus on activation.
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesDocumentListView items activated on single click, not...
2009-05-30 Gregory HaynesDouble clicking documents in DocumentListView causes...
2009-05-29 Gregory HaynesClose action works.
2009-05-29 Gregory HaynesAdded kDocument wrapper storage to DocumentModel.
2009-05-29 Gregory HaynesConnected DocumentModel::documentAboutToBeRemoved signal.
2009-05-29 Gregory HaynesMoved DocumentItem out of header file.
2009-05-29 Gregory HaynesAdded configuration setting for open with blank document.
2009-05-28 Gregory HaynesViews unmerged/merged on change.
2009-05-25 Gregory HaynesRemoved frame containers from configuration pages.
2009-05-25 Gregory HaynesAdded config option for show connect dialog on start...
2009-05-25 Gregory HaynesSwitched sidebar from Tabbed Widget to ToolBox.
2009-05-23 Gregory HaynesRemoved extraneous sidebar class.
2009-05-23 greghaynesDocument uses codec to encode and decode text.
2009-05-17 Gregory HaynesMoved session initialization to InfTextDocument.
2009-05-11 Gregory HaynesConnection dialog shows 6523 in port on opening.
2009-05-11 Gregory HaynesRemoved out of date TODO.
2009-05-07 Gregory HaynesUse KStandardAction for New and Open.
2009-05-07 Gregory HaynesStart with connection dialog open.
2009-05-07 Gregory HaynesUpdated user interface to merge similar to other KDE...
2009-05-04 Gregory HaynesColor selector is now button and saves state.
2009-05-04 Gregory HaynesDocument accepts parent, noteplugin doesnt specify...
2009-05-03 Gregory HaynesAdded GPL header.
2009-05-02 Gregory HaynesCreateItemDialog has meaningful title.
2009-05-01 Gregory HaynesCleaned up mainwindow.* includes.
2009-05-01 Gregory HaynesCMakeLists includes KDE4Defaults, fixes ubuntu install...
2009-05-01 Gregory HaynesRemoved auto generated kobbysettings from source
2009-04-27 greghaynesOpen actions work.
2009-04-27 greghaynesWarn and close when joining session with similar usernames.
2009-04-27 greghaynesAdded docs and cleaned up error string for connecion...
2009-04-25 greghaynesBetter default UI values.
2009-04-25 Gregory HaynesMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:greghaynes...
2009-04-25 Gregory HaynesLink against libinfinity-0.3
2009-04-24 Gregory HaynesAdded updated Find*.cmake modules.
2009-04-24 Gregory HaynesClosing documents causes deletion.
2009-04-23 Gregory HaynesChanged buildtools to use BIN_INSTALL_DIR and install...
2009-04-21 Gregory HaynesChanged INSTALL to use DEFAULT_INSTALL_TARGET
2009-04-20 Gregory HaynesRemote browser tab shown on start.
2009-04-20 Gregory HaynesAdded COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS
2009-04-20 Gregory HaynesMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:greghaynes...
2009-04-20 Gregory HaynesAdded GPL license to COPYING.
2009-04-19 Gregory HaynesFilled out INSTALL
2009-04-19 Gregory HaynesAdded contact info to README
2009-04-19 Gregory HaynesAdded docs to README.