last changeSat, 8 Jan 2011 00:07:18 +0000 (01:07 +0100)
2011-01-08 chris taubenheim- added missing classes for bookmark sync master
2011-01-08 chris taubenheim- fix to the taks sync handler
2011-01-08 chris taubenheim- added experimental support for syncing browser bookmarks
2011-01-08 chris taubenheim- reverted mistakenly changed strings
2011-01-07 tiger- began to implement ability to synchronize Tasks from...
2010-12-19 arthur.zaczek... added acra-2.0.3 error reporter
2010-12-15 arthur.zaczek... updateFolderSpinner fixed like done in branch
2010-12-15 arthur.zaczek... Issue 26: NullPointerException on Sync All (kolab-andro...
2010-12-09 arthur.zaczek... Fixed null reference bug
2010-12-04 bytesqueezer- testing IMAP connection retrieves now IMAP folder...
2010-12-04 bytesqueezer- new preference value to save IMAP namespace
2010-12-04 bytesqueezer- get list of all available IMAP folders in given IMAP...
2010-12-03 bytesqueezer- moved title of "test settings" button to strings.xml
2010-12-03 bytesqueezer- switched to logging constant in SettingsView
2010-12-03 bytesqueezer* improved settings test
2010-12-01 bytesqueezer* small code cleanup
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