last changeFri, 26 Feb 2010 22:19:32 +0000 (23:19 +0100)
2010-02-26 Eike HeinMerge branch 'master' of master
2010-02-26 Eike HeinAdd various missing <numid> tags.
2010-02-26 Bernd Buschinski- Qt-4.6.2 here, fix comment
2010-02-26 Bernd Buschinski- Fix FilledRectangle, the filled area was one pixel...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Clear textselection on toolchange also for empty...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix memleak in whiteboardpaintarea
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Replace c-header with c++-header
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix krazy2 kdebug, printing method name and trailing...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix krazy2 camelcase headers, #include <kdialog.h...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix one msvc warning, it doesn't like func(int *...
2010-02-22 Eike HeinFix channel tabs opened in the background causing an...
2010-02-22 Eike HeinUpdate.
2010-02-22 Travis McHenryFix a crash when typing /privmsg with no args
2010-02-20 Eike HeinFix auto-who responses becoming visible after parameter...
2010-02-19 Eike HeinBump to test the commit mail stuff ..
2010-02-19 Eike HeinFix string.
8 years ago v1.2.1 Tagging Konversation 1.2.1.
8 years ago v1.2 Tagging Konversation 1.2.
8 years ago v1.2-rc1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-rc1. Now...
8 years ago v1.2-beta1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-beta1.
8 years ago v1.2-alpha6 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha6...
8 years ago v1.2-alpha5 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha5.
8 years ago v1.2-alpha4 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha4.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha3 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha3.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha2 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha2.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha.
9 years ago v1.1 Tagging Konversation 1.1.
9 years ago v1.1rc1 Tagging Konversation 1.1rc1.
11 years ago v1.0.1 Tag Konversation 1.0.1.
11 years ago v1.0 Tag Konversation 1.0.
12 years ago v0.19 Tagging Konversation 0.19
13 years ago v0.15 This commit was manufactured by...
8 years ago bug169427
8 years ago master
8 years ago dcc-whiteboard