last changeFri, 26 Feb 2010 22:19:32 +0000 (23:19 +0100)
2010-02-26 Eike HeinMerge branch 'master' of master
2010-02-26 Eike HeinAdd various missing <numid> tags.
2010-02-26 Bernd Buschinski- Qt-4.6.2 here, fix comment
2010-02-26 Bernd Buschinski- Fix FilledRectangle, the filled area was one pixel...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Clear textselection on toolchange also for empty...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix memleak in whiteboardpaintarea
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Replace c-header with c++-header
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix krazy2 kdebug, printing method name and trailing...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix krazy2 camelcase headers, #include <kdialog.h...
2010-02-23 Bernd Buschinski- Fix one msvc warning, it doesn't like func(int *...
2010-02-22 Eike HeinFix channel tabs opened in the background causing an...
2010-02-22 Eike HeinUpdate.
2010-02-22 Travis McHenryFix a crash when typing /privmsg with no args
2010-02-20 Eike HeinFix auto-who responses becoming visible after parameter...
2010-02-19 Eike HeinBump to test the commit mail stuff ..
2010-02-19 Eike HeinFix string.
6 years ago v1.2.1 Tagging Konversation 1.2.1.
6 years ago v1.2 Tagging Konversation 1.2.
6 years ago v1.2-rc1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-rc1. Now...
7 years ago v1.2-beta1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-beta1.
7 years ago v1.2-alpha6 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha6...
7 years ago v1.2-alpha5 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha5.
7 years ago v1.2-alpha4 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha4.
7 years ago v1.2-alpha3 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha3.
7 years ago v1.2-alpha2 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha2.
7 years ago v1.2-alpha1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha.
8 years ago v1.1 Tagging Konversation 1.1.
8 years ago v1.1rc1 Tagging Konversation 1.1rc1.
9 years ago v1.0.1 Tag Konversation 1.0.1.
10 years ago v1.0 Tag Konversation 1.0.
10 years ago v0.19 Tagging Konversation 0.19
11 years ago v0.15 This commit was manufactured by...
6 years ago bug169427
6 years ago master
6 years ago dcc-whiteboard