last changeSat, 29 May 2010 17:53:39 +0000 (19:53 +0200)
2010-05-29 Chusslove Illich... Revert "i18n: disambiguate menu title and button label." master
2010-05-29 Chusslove Illich... i18n: disambiguate menu title and button label.
2010-05-26 Travis McHenryFix build with KDE 4.3
2010-05-22 Eike HeinFix close buttons on tabs preference not being respecte...
2010-05-22 Eike HeinAdjust codebase for next dev cycle.
2010-05-22 Eike HeinDefault KIdleTime to on ... v1.3-beta1
2010-05-22 Eike HeinFix typo.
2010-05-22 Eike HeinA bit nicer.
2010-05-22 Eike HeinBump for 1.3-beta1.
2010-05-22 Eike HeinAdd a blurb.
2010-05-22 Eike HeinFix network item collapsed state not being preserved...
2010-05-22 Eike HeinFix server list dialog network order not being preserve...
2010-05-19 Eike HeinSpelling fix.
2010-05-19 Eike HeinAdd a -local parameter to the /amsg and /ame commands.
2010-05-19 Eike HeinAdd an action to switch to the last focused tab.
2010-05-17 Eike HeinMerge branch 'master' of
8 years ago v1.3-beta1 Tagging Konversation 1.3-beta1.
8 years ago v1.2.3 Tagging Konversation 1.2.3.
8 years ago v1.2.2 Tagging Konversation 1.2.2.
9 years ago v1.2.1 Tagging Konversation 1.2.1.
9 years ago v1.2 Tagging Konversation 1.2.
9 years ago v1.2-rc1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-rc1. Now...
9 years ago v1.2-beta1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-beta1.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha6 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha6...
9 years ago v1.2-alpha5 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha5.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha4 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha4.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha3 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha3.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha2 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha2.
9 years ago v1.2-alpha1 Tagging Konversation 1.2-alpha.
10 years ago v1.1 Tagging Konversation 1.1.
10 years ago v1.1rc1 Tagging Konversation 1.1rc1.
12 years ago v1.0.1 Tag Konversation 1.0.1.
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