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2006-08-27 Eike HeinAdd newlines, just in case ...
2006-08-27 Eike HeinClean out/update the boilerplate files.
2006-01-21 John TapsellUpdate to my email address and mention my small changes...
2006-01-17 Eike Hein* Delete the woefully outdated spec directory & files.
2005-06-11 İsmail DönmezSVN_SILENT Update my e-mail
2004-08-21 İsmail DönmezKonversation now ported to KNetwork. One small damned...
2004-08-11 Shintaro MatsuokaCVS_SILENT update
2004-08-10 John TapsellA large refactoring, switching over to NickInfo. No...
2003-11-22 Dario AbatianniPatched URL regex to not match stuff like aw..nice :)
2002-09-24 Matthias Gierlings*** empty log message ***
2002-07-20 Dario Abatianni""
2002-06-11 Dario AbatianniRenamed project to Konversation
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